Palore provides aggregated business reviews with click-to-call

Palore wants to add a new dimension to the way we get our reviews. With most of users trusting Google, Yahoo, and Ask to deliver local search results or flocking to newer local business data providers like Judy’s Book, Yelp, and CitySearch, it makes life difficult for newer startups to differentiate themselves from these existing services. As for the users, they can’t practically be searching for reviews on each of these search engines. Palore has come out with an interesting solution that brings you reviews for a business from multiple sites as soon as you click on the its business phone number located on any web page.

To get started with Palore you will need to register at the site and install the browser plugin which is available for both IE and Firefox. After that whenever you search for business on Google Maps or Yahoo local or Ask local, Palore automatically converts their phone numbers into links. When you click on one of these links, a small bubble opens up displaying the reviews fetched from various sites where people have written about the business. You can quickly browse through all the review snippets in the bubble or go over to the actual site where the review was written. Besides this Palore has also integrated click to call feature that can quickly connect you with the business. This feature is similar to the one provided by on Google Maps and available to users located in US and Israel.

Palore was initially launched in Israel where it claims to have received a good response with over 100000 downloads since it’s launch in April 2006. Recently Palore has started aggregating restaurant reviews in the SFO area and plans to move to NYC, Boston, LA, and Chicago early next year. There are quite a few other interesting features coming up at Palore including integration with, and Palore ToGo that will provide better exposure and reach for reviews of businesses.

Looking at the number of players we have or coming up in the local search market, aggregated reviews from Palore make perfect sense. As for upcoming sites like Judy’s Book and Yelp, Palore increases the reach for their user generated content. Personally any service that can reduce the number of clicks I need to make and the number of sites I need to visit for the right information, I am in for it.



6 Responses to “Palore provides aggregated business reviews with click-to-call”

  1. Jeff Conway Says:

    I just went to their website and looks like they’ve got a new video that explains the to-go idea (it’s the bottom links at I wonder if anyone at the Yelp party yesterday saw it.

  2. Contextual RSS Explained (Visually…) « The Palore blog! Says:

    […] After speaking with a few people about Contextual RSS, including Vivek from StartupSquad (who wrote a cool post about Palore), I decided that the best way to explain the concept would be to visualize it So here it is… […]

  3. jordan Says:

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