Wiki with sync soon?

Wiki space has been getting too congested with few differentiators for most of the companies offering wiki services. But I think Jotspot and SocialText teams will try to push the envelope a bit more pretty soon. We should see Jotspot integrating Writely sync technology to provide a real edit all+anytime experience. On the other hand SocialText, true to its open source lineage, should be working to build similar multi-user editing functionality through the integration of SynchroEdit. In either case, integration of this technology should definitely help Google and SocialText establish a dominant market share in a growing wiki market.

So who gets left behind? Well the market leader Confluence from Altassian. With more than 4800 customers worldwide I expect them to follow suit.

Again all these are my thoughts. No clue if ever or when both of them will be launching these features. 



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