SkypeOut with connection charges and more…..

While sweeping changes keep happening from top to bottom, Skype management wants to continue with the disruptive culture they have built in the last few years. Today Skype announced that they will be rolling out a pricing structure that will provide its 135 million users a more cost-effective way to keeping in touch with their friends and family.

The plan which will be officially launched on 18th January, will include a a connection fee of 0 – 0.039 € per call for all SkypeOut calls. However users subscribed to the new Unlimited Calling plan, will be saved from those charges. More details will only be available on the launch day.

Idea about having connection charge for every call we make reminds me of calling card days, when we were forced to pay the charge in cases when the call didn’t even connect. Also making users calculate cost of call each time they want to call seems doesn’t seem like a great idea. Product management aiming at increasing complexity surely looks good on paper, but might not go down well with the users. Will see how this one rolls.

Skype announcement


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