Startups in trouble – Revver, BlueDot, Vizrea, Exbiblio

Just as we end year the 2007 that has seen highest amount of funding in emerging technologies since the boom time, few of the startups find themselves in troubled waters. Revver, Blue Dot, Vizrea, and Exbiblio are few of the companies which have seen people leave or are forced to cut back on their staff and spending. High cash burn rate, low returns from existing products and plans, and the inability to continuously innovate to fend of competition are few of the reasons.

According to Adage, Revver, the video sharing site that does revenue sharing with content producers, today announced that 2 of its 3 co-founders along with several support staff have left the company. The management push that seems to have come from Revver VC, has brought in 3 new key members. Kevin Wells has joined as chief operating officer, who previously was a consultant to commercial aviation tech start-up Naverus. David Armitage has joined as Senior VP-advertising sales, and Angela Gyetvan has come in as VP-marketing.

According to John Cook, Bluedot and Vizrea, both venture funded companies founded by ex-Microsoft guys, have cut back on their staff. Bluedot, the social bookmarking+networking startup, has laid of 4 people from its team. Vizrea mobile-pc photo sharing company had to let go 8 people from its team of 16. I had tried Vizrea when it had launched and found it pretty unimpressive comparing it to the number of other startups offering similar services.

Last month Netherlands based Exbiblio cut down its team of 17 employees to a core of about 5 to 8 full time employees. Exbiblio team has been working to add an interactive dimension to the way we read paper documents. Guys at Exbiblio have been developing hardware and software side of a product that includes a pocket scanner that can capture a string of words from a paper document and also let you record a voice annotation along with the text. The scanner doubles up as a flash drive to save your scanned content. Idea is great, but the only problem is that it is taking more time than expected.



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  1. Heather Flanagan Says:

    This comment isn’t directly related, but I have become fascinated by what ex-Microsoft people create in the after-life. Here is a link to a video about it from the Microsoft Alumni Network’s After The Holiday Party:

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Searchles goes for another angel funding round Says:

    […] Keeping up with the feature addition momentum, Searchles introduced bunch of features today that makes its Groups feature more robust including controls around participation, and management dashboards. Also taking a cue from Digg, Searchles has added “top groups” and “top people” lists to the front page. Obviously account activity, quality and relevancy of posts, and size of the network will govern who gets pushed to the front page. In my PoV, groups in the Top Group lists get to remain on the top longer ’cause of their presence on the front page getting them more traffic. As a downside they can be easy targets for spam bookmarks that can destroy the community effect. Someone has to be always watching out for what gets added to a group, which won’t be an easy task for high traffic groups. Still, Searchles team is putting in lot of effort in a saturated market where some of the startups(like Bluedot) are already feeling the heat. […]

  3. Foo Says:

    Techzoogle has a good writeup on failed web 2.0 companies of 2006. You might want to check the article out.

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Revver Shakeup Take 2: CEO Steven Starr is out Says:

    […] Revver, the video sharing startup which was struggling at best most of the time, has now gone through another management shakeup – CEO Steven Starr has stepped down. Kevin Wells, the company’s chief operating officer takes over for Starr. Kevin Wells had joined in as the COO during the last management shakeup, about which I had written here. […]

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