Zoom through videos with coull.tv objects

coull.tv had launched its video sharing site earlier this month. coull.tv based out of UK, has developed some of the newer interactive features like the ability to highlight particular positions(they call them object), in a video. While viewing a video, users can jump to one of these objects by just clicking on the object link below the video. Coull has integrated the site search to enable searching by object names and tags as well. Any click on the object name from the search results takes you directly to that particular highlighted section of the video. I was really impressed with the speed at which the the highlighted sections or objects come up as compared to what I have experienced at Viddler that offers a similar feature.

Coull has the other regular video sharing site features like tagging, rating, and commenting are all there. Users also have an option to create their own channels and upload videos to them, and coull has plans to launch branded channels in near future. As for monetizing the content, Coull team doesn’t plan to Pre-Roll or Post-Roll the videos uploaded on the site. Instead they seem to be working on contextual advertising based on where user clicks or what he/she searches for.

Having said all this, the biggest issue I see with coull is that in order to upload and highlight videos you need to download and install Coull’s video activator tool(for windows). With sites like Viddler already offering the ability to highlight specific portions of video online, I don’t seem to be motivated for the download. Also the videos are available in windows media player format which obviously means less interactive features that can be added to the player. However this will soon change as coull looks into other media formats. 



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