Digg honeymoon continues; gets additional $8.5 million

Even as rumors and controversies surround the social news rating site Digg, it has received additional funding of $8.5 million from its existing backers including Greylock Partners and the Omidyar Network. As Matt Marshal from VentureBeat reports, Digg management team has intentionally not included new investors into the new funding round.

Users trying to game the system, external companies paying to get posts dugg, collaborative digging, top diggers digging for favors, and some unusually low digged content reaching the front-page, are just some of the challenges Digg has seen in the recent past. I had never thought mainstream media like corruption will get to social media this soon. Given all these reasons and the quality of content dished out, I still digg Slashdot as compared to Digg.

VentureBeat on Digg funding


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