LiveLook – Another screen sharing startup

The web-conferencing and desktop sharing application list just keeps growing. Another startup that launched last month offering its services in this area is Just like CrossLoop, LiveLook is simple and straight forward to get started with. You can either join a session or host one of your own by signing up for the service and installing the java applet for the first time. For business users, LiveLook offers a widget that brings up a LiveLook button on the website using which customers can instantly get technical support. As compared to CrossLoop, LiveLook enables multiple people to view the same desktop, but does not allow remote access to other users. The service is currently free for individual users that works in the p2p mode.



4 Responses to “LiveLook – Another screen sharing startup”

  1. Jason Says:

    Unacceptably slow

  2. Larissa Says:

    I have to admit right from the beginning I am biased. I tried LiveLOOK and I think it is groundbreaking!

    I am not alone, read an article by an expert in Web Conferencing And Screen Sharing field %u2013 Robin Good from

    Comparing LiveLOOK to CrossLoop or indeed 200 other services out there is like comparing apple to a banana tree.

    We finally have to realize: there is a huge difference between a services, like CrossLoop, GoToMeeting, Glance, and many many others which require installation and work on one OS (usually Windows) and the service like LiveLOOK which launches from a click of a button (no installations) works within any browser on any OS instantly.

    Think about this, let%u2019s say you are a business and a customer having a problem with your web site, say they are unable to login. They pick up a phone and call you to tell you that your service, website and you suck because they are doing everything right %u2013 and the damn thing does not work. Sounds familiar?

    You in turn suspect that they are typing something wrong but are unable to prove it. What will be ideal in this situation? – To quickly look at a customers screen to see what they are doing.

    Are you going to suggest to them to go to Company X (like CrossLoop, GotoMeeting, etc%u2026), website, download and install the service in order to show their screen to you?

    They%u2019ll will think you are crazy. Plus, nobody wants to install anything anymore, especially businesses. In fact a lot of them have %u201Cno installation%u201D policies.

    Finally, what if they are on MAC or Linux?

    So how LiveLOOK solves this problem? They give you a button which you can put anywhere on your web site by simply copying and pasting 5 lines of the HTML code (I included them at the end).

    That by itself is revolutionary. Think about it: you are adding instant screen sharing capability to your website by adding 5 lines of HTML code!

    Customer clicks the button from your website (no need to go anywhere) and you will be looking at their screen in 15-20 seconds. Problem solved!


    I think we own innovative companies like LiveLOOK to at least understand what they are doing before writing an %u201Cexpert opinion%u201D on the subject, and confusing an average consumer.

    Finally here are 5 lines of HTML code which will give you a LiveLOOK button. Copy and paste it on any HTML page and see what happens:

  3. Larissa Says:

  4. Larissa Says:

    Since this blog cuts off HTML code here is a link where you get those 5 lines:

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