FeedBurner Stats are up

Today I was able to signup for the FeedBurner stats service about which I had written last month. FeedBurner stats comes out of the integration of Blogbeat with other services offered by FeedBurner.

Stats provided as part of the service are pretty basic including number of visitors, incoming/outgoing site traffic, and pages visited by users. As compared to Google Analytics, FeedBurner stats do fall behind in the number of metrics tracked. Again for most of the blogging community, major traffic comes from their RSS feeds and those running their feeds through FeedBurner will have one less reason to check back too soon at Google Analytics for their daily stats.



3 Responses to “FeedBurner Stats are up”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Feedblitz Analytics now tracks In-Post links Says:

    […]  Till now blog publishers had access only to what the users click on the website. Content publishers can either use the freebies like Google Analytics or FeedBurner Analytics or CrazyEgg, to get stats for their blogs, with additional stats for RSS feeds coming from FeedBurner. However detailed stats of click-throughs from RSS readers or RSS-Email newsletters were not available. Not anymore. With the launch of “Automatic In-Post Link Tracking ” feature by Feedblitz publishers should be able to get insight into this very important missing metric for their newsletters. In case you don’t know about Feedblitz, it is a Boston, Massachusetts based startup that converts Blog/RSS feed to email based newsletters. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » GetClick & Reinvigorate: more web analytics web20 style Says:

    […] Personally I am pretty happy with free Google Analytics service and also getting additional stats from FeedBurner. My day-to-day blogging decisions are very less dependent on analytics stats, which is currently used to track growth than anything else. Even if bloggers think of installing either of these tracking codes, a lot will depend on how much do their sites slow down as compared to when they are using Google Analytics. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » IMified buys RSS alerts on IM service - FeedCrier Says:

    […] IMified, the service that lets you blog, make notes,….from your IM today announced that it has acquired FeedCrier. FeedCrier was launched last year by Adam Kalsey who was the founder and former CTO of Pheedo, a FeedBurner competitor. […]

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