Mobile advertising startup – Amobee – closes round 2

Israel based mobile advertising startup Amobee Media is rumored to have raised another $15-$20 million in its second round of funding, according to Israeli newspaper Globes. Globespan Capital Partners in addition to existing investors Sequoia Capital and Accel Partners participated in the new funding. Amobee claims to offer contextual advertising with full user consent and “opt-in” basis, which should result in higher quality content being available for less.

Here we have the mad scramble happening in the mobile-advertising space when most of the consumers don’t have access to low priced data plans, true 3G speeds, and WiFi enabled phones, in the first place. Overall mobile advertising is getting just too much attention compared to the number of subscribers, current usage, and content available be viewed/consumed by the users. Besides the well funded startups including AdMobJumpTap, MillennialMedia, Actionality, ThirdScreenMedia, we also mobile operators including Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and traditional media advertising companies including Google and Yahoo gearing up to serve fresh ads to a minuscule number of consumers.

Amobee Media



2 Responses to “Mobile advertising startup – Amobee – closes round 2”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Amobee to deliver in-game ads on mobile Says:

    […] Okay I knew Amobee Media will deliver more than just dishing our banner ads on mobiles(read: higher quality content being available for less), but bundled it with the wrong players the other day. Anyway, now we have more details about the mobile startup’s advertising plans. Amobee media is teaming up with Orange in France for its first mobile advertising trial that will deliver mobile content and entertainment services for free in return for displaying advertisements on user mobile phones. […]

  2. Iva Baytcheva Says:

    Good afternoon,

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    For advertisers and media agencies, ScreenTonic Media supports the design of most relevant and targeted mobile campaigns. ScreenTonic provides all the means to communicate with mobile phone users and forge one- to-one relationships with customers.

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