Amobee to deliver in-game ads on mobile

Okay I knew Amobee Media will deliver more than just dishing our banner ads on mobiles(read: higher quality content being available for less), but bundled it with the wrong players the other day. Anyway, now we have more details about the mobile startup’s advertising plans. Amobee media is teaming up with Orange in France for its first mobile advertising trial that will deliver mobile content and entertainment services for free in return for displaying advertisements on user mobile phones.

Orange will be offering its customers mobile games from FILAO at a reduced price or free, which will carry advertisements delivered by Amobee Media platform. The ads will be served during the idle time between game levels or while the game is loading. Big name brands including Coke, Saab, Travelski, Société Générale and Mobifun, are already taking part in this exercise. During the trial which will go on for 2 months, users will be be click-n-call the brands or continue playing the games. As for ad delivery, FILAO will integrate Amobee’s HAPI (Handset Application Programming Interface) into its games that enables the games to receive ads.

Amobee seems to be taking one-up lead wrt to Google in the race to enable free content delivery. Will be interesting to see how it plays out for Amobee.

Amobee Media

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2 Responses to “Amobee to deliver in-game ads on mobile”

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