Widget World: Musestorm surges ahead

Musestorm, the widget syndication and analytics startup, today launched bunch of great new features. Among other thing, Musestorm now automatically generates widgets for Web, Yahoo Widget Engine, and Google Gadget. More cool things to come include automatic widgets for your Mac Dashboard, Vista, Mobiles, and instant messengers. I had written previously about the launch of Musestorm’s Widget Analytics solution.

Now with Musestorm you can widgetize any feed automatically by just providing the URL. Any widget you give out using Musestorm, users get option to modify the size and background. Also with the launch of the new features, Musestorm has introduced its monetization plan. You can get Musestorm’s Track and Analyze service free for 60 days and will have to pay $4/month per feed for web widgets and same price for Desktop widgets. The analytics engine will track impressions and clickthroughs for widgets located on web as well as user desktop. Personally I think the pricing plans need a bit of rethinking and be more in the direction of what FeedBurner charges. Again I am not sure how the service compares to FeedBurner in terms of computing and developers resources required.

Overall, a great-great piece of work.

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7 Responses to “Widget World: Musestorm surges ahead”

  1. Riding The Storm » Blog Archive » Getting great feedback Says:

    […] Vivek from StartupSquad says: “Overall, a great-great piece of work”, we are humbled. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Wetpaint’s consumer wikis get widgets Says:

    […] Wetpaint today launched a befitting feature for the consumer wiki platform by enabling users to add third-party widgets. Users can now add Youtube/Google videos, Vizu polls, their Google Calendars, slideshows from Photobucket or Slide, Splashcast player, and RSS feeds. Aside from these, any widgets that give <embed> or <iframe> code output can also be used, which includes widgets from Clearspring but not from MuseStorm and Widgetbox. Also as part of the new release Wetpaint has officially announced the domain URL mapping to Wetpaint wiki. You can check out StartupSquad.com Wiki by clicking here. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Mesadynamics converts G-Gadget to V-Gadget Says:

    […] Musestorm does have Vista compatibility in plans but hasn’t made official when it will be releasing the integration.  […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Netvibes UW; Koolanoo funded; CellSwapper in Canada; Cruxy goes virtual Says:

    […] Netvibes: The home page service startup is ready for push into the Universal Widget space, where any Netvibes widget will work across all platforms and APIs, namely Google IG, Pageflakes, Apple Dashboard, Vista……However most of the widget centered startups are already working in this direction. Israel based widget syndication and analytics startup Musestorm had already launched cross platform support for widgets last month. Widgets generated through Musestorm platform currently work on web, Google Desktop, Yahoo Widget Engine, with support for Mac, Vista, Mobiles, and IMs under works. Besides this Pageflakes and Yourminis already allow uses to take their widgets beyond the homepages services, and I am pretty sure each of these startups would sooner or later hit the universal ground. […]

  5. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Yourminis set to launch API Says:

    […] Looking to get developers working on the scene, Yourminis will open up its API that touches all of the end-user platforms. Developers would be able to write the widget once and deploy it almost everywhere - on Yourminis.com, in the browser using the Firefox extension, your blog/MySpace page as an embedded widget, and on your desktop(pc/mac/linux) through Apollo. The last part of being able to take widget onto your desktop through Apollo is a major accomplishment in respects. First – from Yourminis, to Musestorm, to Netvibes, to Google IG, everyone is pushing is this direction. Second – some of the most promising products including Yourminis and Virtub  are being built on the next generation application development platform from Adobe. This gives Yourminis quite a bit of lead as compared to any other service planning to venture onto this platform. Coming back to the API- On the technical side of things it will also provide the ability to store and retrieve data for widgets from the Yourminis servers and offer the ability to proxy web requests to avoid cross-domain issues. Besides this the API will deliver useful components such as an RSS parser to make dealing with RSS and ATOM feeds a breeze. […]

  6. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Yourminis widgets now on your Desktop Says:

    […] With the launch of Apollo integration Yourminis has beaten HomePage heavyweights Netvibes, Pageflakes,…… in delivering widgets to the desktop. Google gadgets do work on the desktop but again you need to install Google Desktop to get them going. Yourminis advantage is that Apollo designed to be an application development and deployment platform. Sooner or later users will be getting Apollo installed onto their machines, which will not be the case with Google Desktop. Although Musestorm does not directly compete in the homepage space, it would be worth mentioning that the widget syndication and analytics service had launched compatibility with Google Desktop earlier this year.  […]

  7. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Washington Post gets Musestorm widgets Says:

    […] Major media companies are coming to realize very early that widgets are the way of life, at least for their users. Washington Post wants to among the prime moves in this space. Today Washington Post announced that it will be syndicating it’s content via Musestorm’s widget based content syndication service. […]

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