New Google targets – Video Games & Digital Billboards


Google is planning to acquire San Francisco based Adscape Media that provides in-game advertising. According to WSJ, Google is planning to wrap-up the deal sometime next week. There is no news about how much Google will pay out for Adscape.

Adscape delivers dynamic ads to on-line enabled game platforms like xBox, and Sony PS3. Adscape platform doesn’t seem to be an automated system similar to Google Adwords where advertisers can just sign up and start displaying their ads. Currently it takes less than a week to integrate Adscape’s AdverPlay™ API into a typical game. For Google it will another platform to deliver ads besides its existing plays in Web, Radio, Video, Newsprint, and TV. Most likely this buyout will also result in another integration into Google’s Adwords platform in the same fashion as Radio ads were introduced recently.

In related Google News, Google has filed a patent for digital billboard technology that turn “kiosk-type billboards” in malls, airports and elsewhere into “a network of electronic display devices”. However there is no confirmed product launch around this patent.

Earlier in the week I had written about Amobee Media that is testing out its in-game advertising platform for mobile phones.

Google readies Radio Ads for launch
Amobee to deliver in-game ads on mobile


2 Responses to “New Google targets – Video Games & Digital Billboards”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Google to get AdScape for $25 million Says:

    […] Google Ad machine is going to get more targets to hit at as it plans to buy in-game advertising company AdScape for $23 million, according to RedHerring. Negotiations for this deal had been under works for past month. With no game publishers signed up for pushing the ads to, AdScape seems to have been bought for the technology it has developed in the last 5 years. Future plays for Google? — off course ads in Mobile Games. What else? Oh yeah paper thin LCD pages with embedded Google Ad chips on your Book covers(even alternate pages), product packages, clothes, walls…. Practically anywhere where ads can be delivered remotely and automatically Share and Enjoy: […]

  2. Ezequiel Saxinger Says:

    I tried to get the RSS Feed for your website but it is not properly showing up in Google Chrome. Any suggestions?

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