IBM goes for the holy dip

IBM is going to be another major software vendor to incorporate features related to social networking in their product. Upcoming release of Lotus family will get a new addition – Lotus Connections. As expected corporate employees will be able to create their profiles, blogs, manage bookmarks, and create network of friends.

Microsoft has already added social features to Sharepoint in last November, while collaboration products from Google are shaping up slowly. I think we should see addition of Blogger, and Bookmarks into Google Apps within the next few releases. In case you guys missed, few days back there was a good discussion going on at APC regarding Gmail vs Exchange. Besides the writeup, some of the comments point the direction in which hardware and IT people will like to go as compared to what Microsoft and IBM want to sell.

Lotus Connections


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » IBM ManyEyes does great data plots Says:

    […] IBM’s Alphaworks team seems to be on innovation spree. New product from the IBM research team is a cool new application – Many Eyes, which in other words is a web-based data visualization application. Upload your data, select a the kind of visualization you want, and you ready to share and publish visualization. You can plot your data onto Bar Chat, Histogram, Bubble chart, US State Map, World Map, and many other formats. I especially like the speed with which you can navigate the site and create new visualizations for existing data sets. Since collaboration is the buzzword these days at IBM, commenting on the visualizations is enabled. “Blog this” icon gets you the HTML of the visualization to be used in your blog post or on your site. Currently all data loads are manual. You need to copy paste data from Excel or Text file into a text-box in the application. I hope Teqlo can automate this part for me. […]

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