Foonz conferencing twist gets $1M

Foonz, provider of free personal conference calling service, has raised $1.08 million in Series A funding from Morgenthaler Ventures, according to PEHub. Foonz adds a twist to the way you do your group calls. To start with, you need to register at Foonz and get your personal conference call number and add information for all your contacts to Foonz including their cell numbers, IMs, and email addresses. Next time you want to get in touch with your friends, just dial into your Foonz number, and the service texts, emails all your contacts to join the call. Those who are missing, get a voicemail. On the backstage, Foonz has cut deals with telecom carriers to make your calls free. 

Foonz sounds like a good idea, but I am not sure whether number of people are really asking for it. Other variations –,,, and Nimbuzz.



One Response to “Foonz conferencing twist gets $1M”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » foonz gets Fedexy with group messages Says:

    […] Remember foonz? If not, foonz offers a group calling service when the end-points the group call be either a mobile phone or land line. Invitation are sent via email, SMS, or IM. If you are in hurry you can record a message for the whole group and foonz will invite your groupies to the call. And yes the service is free. The startup had raised around $1 million for this idea earlier this year. […]

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