Newsgator goes On-Demand

Earlier in the week Newsgator launched On-Demand version of its Newsgator Enterprise product(NGEOD). As expected the product target is SMBs who want to more information delivered to their workers whether it is feeds from other enterprise products or just internal company news sources without the need to install and maintain another product locally. NGEOD will be offered as an white label product with the option for companies to add their logo and color schemes. Pricing seems to be pretty competitive at $99/user/year. However no news if you can hookup your LDAP groups with the application.

Since I am an existing Newsgator product user, I trust Newsgator and think NGEOD will work perfectly without major issues from the product standpoint. Since the product is currently in early beta I would like to mention my thoughts on NGEOD and On-Demand products in general. As I had written before, an On-Demand offering has to be On-Demand(OD) in all spheres. Yesterday’s post by Ken Rudin on LucidEra’s blog provides more direction on this. More thoughts from my side – Startups should make sure that their product pricing and checkout button are among one of the top tasks before they actually do a public beta. You can’t be practically be asking people to fill out your contact-us forms and keep them waiting till your sales team gets to them. Get the instant gratification point right.

Another feature OD startups should really spend their time on is defining their target markets very clearly and putting that online. With the first look, customers should be able to associate themselves with your product and be ready to take their credit card out , and give your product a try. And this is not needed just during the initial sales. Showing tips for relevant connectors/adaptors to existing customers has to built into your site. Relevant and quick 2-3 minutes learning videos are another must have. To get this gluey interface right, startups might have to get a UI and learning people specializing in doing just these tasks.

Also, lately there has been a rise of enterprise ended OD products. One of the best ways these startups can differentiate themselves with the existing license based counterparts is to clearly put down how much human resources are practically required to use and support your product. If you application doesn’t require the use of Developer or DBA or System Admin or Storage engineer at all, put that down. But if it requires even10% of the time, let’s say for a Business Analyst, I think the customer would like to know that during their trial phase. And please give the real estimates(not like car mileages derived in optimal driving conditions).

Newsgator On-Demand


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