Splashcast and Eyejot set new standards for widgets

Number of me-too photo embed widgets enablers floating around on the web are far too many to count. A perfect time to build upon something better. How do Video based widgets sound? As it stands right now, Splashcast and Eyejot have already been cranking cool code in this direction.

Splashcast: Simply put, Splashcast is a multi-file, mixed media (video, photos, audio, text) embeddable player that gets updates pushed by RSS. As a content publisher/creator, you can create shows with any of these different media types, add those shows to the channels, which can than be played on the Splashcast Player. As a user you can easily display and syndicate channels of content on web pages, blogs, social networking profiles etc. Consider creating a Splashcast Channel/Player for your movie review site. Previously you only had movie reviews. Search around and grab movie trailers, scrape posters, put them into a Splashcast Show and out you get a new distribution channel for your old style reviews site.

With integration already in place with Pageflakes and WordPress.com, I would expect Splashcast buzz spreading around quickly. In case you want to go beyond standard Widgetbox stats, Splashcast comes with its own stats/analytics service to get you the viewer-ship stats for your Shows, Channels, and players. Splashcast had started off as QMind couple of years back and raised $1.3 million for an enterprise e-learning product they were planning to offer(sounds something like Nanolearning – where are they headed now???). Since consumer and social media is the buzzword, they quickly abandoned their enterprise plans to target the faster moving user base.


As they call themselves – first comprehensive client-free video messaging platform. In other words, you can send video mail instead of email. My favorite features – No software installation needed, and Eyejot widget. If you are using the Eyejot widget you don’t even need to go to the Eyejot website. Add the widget to your blog, and it works as your messaging center. You can record messages and retrieve messages, all from the widget. In fact, you can check messages wherever you come across the widget on the web. Eyejot will have a pre-roll or banner ad-supported free trial version that allows you to record messages upto 30 seconds, a pro version for $3.95/month or 29.95/year for longer duration of recording time, and a premium version in making. 

Eyejot founder Daryn Nakhuda had previously co-founded MyPW about which I had written before. MyPW never really took off ‘cause of conflicting directions the founders wanted to the take service in, SMBs or social sites. MyPW security service would have clicked if they had partnered with Automatic and SixApart. Anyway, Daryn seemed to have his eyes all set on social networking space and came up with this cool new service.



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  1. SplashCast: Channel Yourself Across the Web Says:

    […] Startup Squad says SplashCast, along with Eyejot, set a new standard in widgets. […]

  2. Nick Danger Says:

    Hey Vivek –

    If you like eyeyjot you’ll love gabmail and gabjam (www.freegabmail.com). Just like eyeyjot there’s no download required but there’s also no registration required so you just hit the site and away you go. You can send unlimited numbers of messages of up to 2 minutes for free and every message is threaded so you have one-click access to every video in the thread. And you can send messages from any email client or webmail program.


  3. David Geller Says:

    Nick – great comment. There’s definitely room for lots of exciting products. I think, though, readers will find Eyejot takes a different approach, providing a feature rich, highly comprehensive platform that has an integrated “inbox.” People want to do more than email links. That why we created Eyejot. And, with mobile support and syncing with iTunes and iPods, Eyejot provides video messages where you want them, when you want them.

  4. Marshall Kirkpatrick Says:

    I’m so glad you like SplashCast, Vivek! I’d love to see some players with screencasts or screenshots with voice overs of sites you review here on Startupsquad!

  5. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Wetpaint’s consumer wikis get widgets Says:

    […] Wetpaint today launched a befitting feature for the consumer wiki platform by enabling users to add third-party widgets. Users can now add Youtube/Google videos, Vizu polls, their Google Calendars, slideshows from Photobucket or Slide, Splashcast player, and RSS feeds. Aside from these, any widgets that give <embed> or <iframe> code output can also be used, which includes widgets from Clearspring but not from MuseStorm and Widgetbox. Wetpaint has also officially announced the domain URL mapping to Wetpaint wiki. You can check out StartupSquad.com Wiki by clicking here. […]

  6. Nick Danger Says:

    Hi David – Only problem with the integrated inbox is that you have to have an account and you can’t send videos using any email or webmail client which is one of the advantages of gabmail and gabjam. And their threading is awesome. Not to put down eyejot. great product. But for something that’s truly comprehensive, gabmail and gabjam are what i recommend. It’s a lot more than just emailing links! Plus I read another blog the other day where gabsight’s ceo said there’s a social networking site coming along this month focused just on gabjams. Should be fun. Nick.

  7. David Geller Says:

    Nick Danger appears to be an alias for Mark Lipsky, Gabmail’s CEO. Come on Mark – be happy with who you are! There’s room for everyone out there. BTW – Eyejot can send video message to anyone – on or off our network, using a regular email address. But, one key reason Eyejot has its own inbox is because we know people want to be able to reach their video email from anywhere, anytime using just a browser. Regular email, to us, is a crutch for sending around links to video files. Eyejot is all about viewing your video messages across multiple formats and in different environments – like iTunes and on mobile phones.

  8. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Smilebox launches- Personalized greetings with videos Says:

    […] Since multi-format media mashup is the buzzword, we should see more number of startups graduating to that than doing just photos. Last month, Splashcast had launched its syndication player that gets audio, video, photo, and text all in one place. Today Smilebox launched a similar product that making media sharing easier through personalized greetings. With $5 million in venture funding from Frazier Technology Ventures and angel investors, Smilebox wants to run things from your PC. Unlike Splashcast, you need to download and install Smilebox PC software. Advantage of desktop app is that you get to zoom, pan, rotate, and upload your clips at a much faster speed. Smilebox provides number of professionally designed slideshows, over which users can drag and drop videos, photos, add music, and text. It took less than couple of minutes for me to create a very professional looking greeting, upload photos, and send it out. Any greeting you email can be accessed from your Smilebox account online. As for pricing, basic version is free which comes with Google ad-blocks, and premium version comes for a one-time fee of $1.99(no-ads+can print+full-screen view mode). You can also subscribe to Smilebox for $4.99 a month or $39.99 a year to unlimited use of all premium designs. OutStory is another startup enabling video embedding, while another similar product Picaboo is still sticking with photos since their end product is a printed photo book. […]

  9. Mark Lipsky Says:

    Hi All –

    I’m thrilled with who I am!

    Best, The Actual Mark Lipsky

  10. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Cellblock remote media refresh takes on both worlds - Desktop+Web Says:

    […] Few companies have already been working on enabling this feature set including Google, Splashcast, Preclick with each of them targeting a different market with a unique implementation. As expected Google is focused on pushing Adsense video ads through such a widget, while Splashcast has taken the traditional show->channel->player approach, and Preclick is using the Instant Messaging way to remotely refresh media content. However I am impressed by the Cellblock implementation that gets things done without requiring end users to install a new application. […]

  11. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Searchles launches video bookmarking Says:

    […] Bookmarking had to come to videos sooner or later. Searchles got there first with the launch of today Searchles TV today. Searchles TV lets users fetch videos from multiple videos sites and makes all them viewable at one single place. As you go along number of video sites everyday you can use the Searchles bookmarklet to tag these videos to your channels. While viewing, you get all your videos shown out there in a list and can quickly scan through to reach your favorite content. Smart part of the service is that anytime you update videos in your channel the changes are automatically syndicated to all the people using your embed code. This feature sounds much like what KickApps Video Player, or ClipSyndicate, or Splashcast are doing. Still, I am not sure if the video updates happen in a forced refresh manner, like CellBlock does, or not. […]

  12. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Wambo’s "Group Messenger" gets video messaging Says:

    […] Again this is desktop based solution. If you want a webby- try Eyejot which comes with similar features minus the instant messaging. […]

  13. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » foto-foo - Can they make it Twitter for Photo? Says:

    […] Launched today, foto-foo is a small idea that potentially grow big. The flash-based webapp takes yours photos online via your webcam and lets you send then to friends or post it on your blog or homepage or post your picture on the sl-foo wall in Second Life. This idea falls into the league services like Eyejot or one of widgets from KickApps that lets you make videos online. […]

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