Krillion launches: big-tag local search perfected

I had been eagerly waiting for Krillion’s launch of its local search engine for the past few months. Well, the wait is over! Today Krillion officially launched its appliance and big-tag electronics search engine that gives results from your neighborhood. Founded by Joel Toledano (CEO) & Roger Spreen (CTO) in Feb 2006, Mountain View based Krillion had raised slightly more than $3 million from Hummer Winblad Venture Partners for their amazing new search platform.

Most of us still feel lost when we go out searching for a new appliance for our house. Be it a refrigerator or oven or range or washer and dryer or dishwasher, you don’t usually end up buying what you really wanted ‘cause what you look online might not be available in the store nearest to you. Krillion solves this $18 billion appliance market’s search problem and make it easier for you to search for products in the Lowes, HomeDepots, Searss……. near your home. Krillion’s Localization Engine gets product data from retailers, and manufactures, and maps it across more than 40,000 cities & towns to generate its 275 million local search result pages, all the content being highly relevant to each of us. Krillion has also built an advertising platform to enable launch of Krillion-based campaigns. With the millions of pages of local product advertising inventory, and customized analytics to measure the effectiveness, I think the brand managers will get access to important set of metrics tracking their customers. From the consumer perspective, imagine getting targeted and local coupons delivered as part of the search results.

Search results for a specific appliance at Krillion gets you the description and pretty detailed feature set taken from the manufacturer site. Store results are grouped by retailer making it easier for you to get all the locations near you for your favorite store. Generic searches like for ‘Fridge in Palo Alto, CA’, gets you the top brands and stores which might be carrying the product, making it easier to drill-down to what suits your needs. Krillion currently doesn’t do real-time inventory level checks but would be working in that direction pretty soon. In the meantime Krillion has implemented the click-to-call feature under each search result to enable product availability checks prior to visiting the store.

Krillion looks promising to me especially when it is operating in a category that hasn’t received Google’s attention.




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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Now search for that 50" LCD TV at Krillion Says:

    […] Krillion, the local big tag product search engine that I have written about before, today announced that it has enabled search another big product category – Televisions. Just as the startup did with the home appliances earlier, it has now made available 250,000,000 new, uniquely relevant local search pages featuring comprehensive product, location and pricing information for HDTV’s, Flat Panel, LCD and Plasma televisions. […]

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