Cellity’s intelligent mobile call routing launches in Germany

German mobile startup Cellity has finally launched its beta. Co-founded by Sarik Weber, formerly of OpenBC/Xing, Cellity aims to bring down mobile calling costs using its Low Cost Router mobile application. Targeted at pre-paid mobile card users in European countries, the application works on any GSM network independent of mobile operator. Instead of making direct calls using mobile plan, users can install Cellity on their mobile, which performs a tariff check before it routes the call. In case the default route is costlier, Cellity routes the call through the lowest priced option available. Cellity claims 90% cost savings as compared to direct calling, with calling to most of the European countries costing 9 cents/min. Cellity would be taking a small cut out of your savings to drive its business. Right now the application works best with Symbian based phones, and would be compatible with Windows Mobile and Blackberries soon. Cellity’s strength, as compared to other incumbents, lies in being able to reach PSTN numbers directly. Fring uses SkypeOut for PSTN while Truphone is running an offer for free calling to PSTN numbers in limited locations which expires on Mar 31st 2007.

Below is a video of Sarik Weber discussing about Cellity, and their future strategy.




One Response to “Cellity’s intelligent mobile call routing launches in Germany”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Cellity’s least-cost router gets funded Says:

    […] I had written about Cellity earlier this year, when it had launched it’s private beta. In brief, what Cellity offers is a mobile app that it calls as -least cost router. Basically Cellity is trying to become the man in the middle for mobile calls. Instead of calling someone directly over a standard tariff, a user can use Cellity and route his call that has the lowest tariff. […]

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