New players in Office20 space

Couple of exciting startups in the Office20 space are shaping up. First is Slideaware which would be launching the beta of its presentation platform. From what I heard, it should function as a storage and management platform for presentations created using Microsoft Powerpoint.

Second is Waltham, MA based Virtual Ubiquity, which is quietly building its web-based word processor to take on Google/Writely and off course Microsoft Word. Virtual Ubiquity claims to be externally funded and looking to launch sometime this year. These guys should be really serious about their marketing and monetization plans to justify the funding, or might end up being another easy prey for Google or Microsoft. On the other hand, Virtual Ubiquity can force Google to aggressively push forward its development efforts for GOffice, which has not seen the kind of innovation we had expected. To start with GOffice site really drags these days, offline mode is in works for forever, spell/grammar check sucks, and there is no news about GDocs API.


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Yourminis set to launch API Says:

    […] Looking to get developers working on the scene, Yourminis will open up its API that touches all of the end-user platforms. Developers would be able to write the widget once and deploy it almost everywhere - on, in the browser using the Firefox extension, your blog/MySpace page as an embedded widget, and on your desktop(pc/mac/linux) through Apollo. The last part of being able to take widget onto your desktop through Apollo is a major accomplishment in respects. First – from Yourminis, to Musestorm, to Netvibes, to Google IG, everyone is pushing is this direction. Second – some of the most promising products including Yourminis and Virtub  are being built on the next generation application development platform from Adobe. This gives Yourminis quite a bit of lead as compared to any other service planning to venture onto this platform. Coming back to the API- On the technical side of things it will also provide the ability to store and retrieve data for widgets from the Yourminis servers and offer the ability to proxy web requests to avoid cross-domain issues. Besides this the API will deliver useful components such as an RSS parser to make dealing with RSS and ATOM feeds a breeze. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Flash goes offline Says:

    […] Adobe is expected to launch a new Adobe Media Player that will get Flash videos playing in offline mode. The media player, till date code-named Philo, will enable users to subscribe to videos via RSS. Commenting and sharing will also come as part of the media player. The new move from Adobe is directed more towards content publishers with DRM tools included as part of the package to control reuse of content. Besides this, the new product will also offer analytics capabilities to publishes for getting media usage details. To avoid conflict of interests and startups jumping onto other media playing platforms like Move Networks, Adobe is not trying to project an image that it is competing with recently launched video delivery and personalization tools for desktop. The Media Player will go into beta testing later in the spring and will be generally available later this year. On the whole, this is yet another strong product to appear on the Apollo scene. Personally I am not convinced to make Apollo part of my daily life as yet. Will see if that changes after launch of the media player and office tools. Tags: […]

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