Yuuguu: yet another desktop sharing app

I don’t think we needed another desktop sharing application. I had previously written about the overheated web-conferencing market and later about at least 1 startup looking to quit. Nevertheless, UK based Yuuguu thinks there is still space. Yuuguu offers one-click screen and application sharing with cross-platform support. Multi-people chat, conversation history, and SSL encryption, all included. I think that Yuuguu has taken care of from the very start is to support both Windows and Macs machines, unlike other companies taking a long time to realize the need for cross-platform support. I don’t know about Yuuguu’s business plan, but maybe they think there is still space in the EMEA market.

Updated list of companies operating in more or less similar area includes: WebEx, GotoMeeting, LiveMeeting, Adobe Connect, WebDialogs, Central Desktop, DimDim, LiveLook, CrossLoop, InstaColl, Yugma(from comments), CoPilot(from comments), and now Yuuguu.



8 Responses to “Yuuguu: yet another desktop sharing app”

  1. pwb Says:

    Seems like a reasonable category to me and one with a clear monetization scheme when used for tech support. I haven’t seen anyone do it that well yet. Yuuguu doesn’t appear to be addressing the business market. The best I’ve seen is CoPilot but it’s a bit pricey and Windows only.

  2. Charlie Says:

    Yikes… what happened?
    Oops – it was going soooo well! February 12, 2007 Filed under Blog, Beta trial

    We had our first server crash this afternoon and are attempting to recover as soon as possible. We%u2019ll let you know as soon as Yuuguu is back on-line and what caused the problem.

  3. Derb Says:

    I’ll have to check it out. In a way similar to recently launched Yugma (the free part of it) … but seems to have amore of a consumer spin.

    Overall though, I think collaboration is just starting to heat up

  4. Vivek Puri Says:

    Charlie, i think those are launch day shockers which you better prepare for before they get to you 😉

  5. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Vyew looks to monetize; Pro and Plus releases coming Says:

    […] From the last time I checked few months back, Vyew has transformed quite a bit. Vyew collaboration platform has 2 aspects to it sharing feature. One of them operates in pretty much the same way as a typical conference you can have over WebEx. Other aspect is to run your webmeeting through ViewBooks, where you can upload your documents during the meeting to be made viewable to other participants. This combined with the ability to create multiple ViewBooks to reuse over different sessions can definitely cut down on your meeting preparation time. Drawing tools, plugins, chat, file storage, and conference calling number gives Vyew a feeling of easy to use comprehensive mashup board. In my opinion Vyew adds a fresh outlook to otherwise a very crowded webmeeting market.  […]

  6. Yuuguu » StartupSquad reviews Yuuguu Says:

    […] StartupSquad did a quick review of Yuuguu and correctly notes the web conferencing market is heating up. So here’s to a long hot summer (c/o global warming) why don’t we use the Internet more to help reduce our carbon footprint? Add to del.icio.us […]

  7. Vivek Says:

    For readers of the post, commentors Charlie and Derb above are one and the same. Don’t know why anyone would use 2 names in the span of 3 mins.

  8. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » WebEx gets bought for $3.2 billion in cash Says:

    […] Again an updated list of other players in this space – LiveMeeting, GotoMeeting, Yuuguu, WebDialogs, AdobeConnect, DimDim, Yugma, Vyew Tags:Share and Enjoy: […]

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