Is eBuddy mobile really sticky?

Last year I had written about eBuddy securing first round of funding. At that time count for unique users hitting eBuddy mobile was 4 million. Approximately 3.5 months since that announcement, the number stands at 5 million. The number and growth rate look impressive for sure. But I am not sure how many of them are sticking back to use it on the regular basis. Personally I would like to take a peek at the number of chat sessions initiated every day by each of these users and duration of those chat sessions. And I pretty sure that number won’t be high ‘cause mobile chat application like eBuddy is a pain to use.

Unlike GoogleTalk on BB or Windows Live messenger on mobile, which provide very fine native integration with the mobile OS, eBuddy is a WAP based application. Basically you pull up a chat box, write a message, hit send, and wait for the screen to refresh. Another screen refresh gets the message from your buddy on the other end. And the cycle continues. A very tedious way to get your point across.

I know it is not easy develop native support given the huge number of devices out there, but if you don’t do it Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo will get it done themselves on a larger number of devices as compared to what they have done till now. Right now there is an opportunity to get this right on the mobile space instead of squabbling over web-IM, which can grow only so much in comparison. IM aside, working on any mobile application can easily connect you with the global audience that is experiencing very high growth numbers every month especially in India and China. Getting your product ready this year would place you at just the right time when 3G hits India, which is projected to have 500 million subscribers by 2010.

Coming back to eBuddy, they do claim to have a mobile J2ME client in works. Would for sure look forward to try it out.




One Response to “Is eBuddy mobile really sticky?”

  1. Marnix Says:

    The eBuddy mobile client is also availabel in xHTML

    So with any new mobile device, the look n feel is nicer.

    But thats just the point… you need an up to date mobile to really be able to get a nice version of it.

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