Teqlo Launches; Widget world transforms

Teqlo has opened its platform for users to signup and tryout the extensible and interactive mashup canvas. Teqlo was part of my list of 8 startups to watch-out for in 2007. After trying out the application for the past hour, I very definite I was right on that. Netvibes, Pageflakes, Google IG have put in lot of hard work in the last couple of years and got the well deserved attention by enabling users to bring in content and services from anywhere into one single location. Only problem with is that services on those platforms can’t talk with each other, which in my opinion is a very big limitation in terms of how a user gathers and consumes data.

Teqlo offers similar experience but which is far-far more extensible. Teqlo can make these same services talk and interact with each other to move data across them so seamlessly that makes the end user think as if they are from the same provider. Take the case of Leads and Calls, one of the default applications added to each new account created at Teqlo. You can interact with LinkedIn, DabbleDB, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and Teqlo lists all in one place. These are 5 entirely different apps from 4 service providers that you might use everyday. The biggest pain is to get them to work together. Lead search results going your address list or spreadsheet, call scheduling ending up in your Google Calendar, addresses getting mapped on to Google Maps, and many more of these banal tasks that require whole deal of copy/pasting. Teqlo’s mashup canvas brings the search, mapping, save part all to one place. And this is just the start of a new way of work management. Give Teqlo Builder a try and you can find yourself building something interesting and useful.




6 Responses to “Teqlo Launches; Widget world transforms”

  1. Jeff Nolan Says:

    Thanks! We’ll have more widgets and more interesting applications in the weeks ahead.


  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » reQall launches Voice-Text notes Says:

    […] Actually reQall goes a step further than just simply recording and converting of voice to text. The system smartly interprets your voice commands to save meeting, and tasks. So, you can create a voice note and in the end add “Save as Meeting for tomorrow 8 AM”, and you will find the meeting added to your reQall calendar. Now the only thing I would like get access to is reQall API to fetch my meetings schedule and feed it into Google Calendar using Teqlo. Yahoo/Goolge gadget/widget like Callwave would also help. […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » StrikeIron - webservices marketplace provider gets $5 million Says:

    […] Mashery is another startup launched last year working to get a piece of the multi-billion dollar webservices pie. Teqlo is also working on similar principles but more on the consumer side. […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Teqlo+Worklight = Enterprise RSS widgets Says:

    […] Teqlo today announced that it will be working with Worklight to deliver Enterprise RSS mashups on its widget based platform. Previously I have covered both Teqlo and Worklight at StartupSquad.com. Worklight, launched in January, enables syndication of enterprise data via RSS feeds, while Teqlo’s mashup canvas lets users interact with webservices without bothering about the technical details. From the very first thought you can guess that Teqlo and Worklight were bound to work together at some point of time. […]

  5. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » More widget news - Yahoo Widgets 4 launched; What is your choice? Says:

    […] With this release it gets even more difficult choice for users to choose from all the competing widget offerings that span from web to desktop – Yahoo Widgets/My Yahoo, Google Desktop/Personalized Page/Google Apps Start Page, Yourminis Web/Yourminis Desktop, Mac Dashboard, Vista Sidebar/Live, Netvibes, Pageflakes, Webwag, Protopage, Springwidgets, and Teqlo. Not a week goes by without a significant news from one from one of them. As blogger and as well as a user I find it hard to define which option is good for me or to recommend to developers and users.   […]

  6. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Xing gets on the mashup scene with API launch Says:

    […] Xing, LinkedIn’s European cousin, has launched its API in preview mode with public release slated for launch later in the year. Basically Xing doesn’t want to loose out on the mashup scene which has been catching up fast as more and more content gets widgetized every moment. Some of the Teqlets developed at Teqlo are already working heavily against LinkedIn to take advantage of the vast professional networking data set. Since Xing is also in a similar play it is obvious that they want developers to work on the highly relevant data and which in turn will attract more of the geeky crowd […]

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