pbWiki traffic climbs; Launches plugin support

pbWiki, the angel funded wiki based collaboration platform provider, has been getting lot of traction with educational institutions and businesses for the its peanut butter manifesto. Last time I talked with Ramit at pbWiki in November 2006, they had just disclosed their $350,000 in funding and they were a team of 3. Within a short span their team size has grown to 6. Which means either they are doing exceedingly well with their paid plans (plans ranging from free to $9.95/month to $34.95/month) or they have raised more funds.

Speculation aside, lets get to the real point. Earlier in this week pbWiki finally added support for WYSIWYG editor. Also as part of the change is the support for plugins. pbWiki plugins enable users to add Youtube videos, 30boxes calendar, Google Gadgets, slideshow from Slide, chat box…..It was only few weeks back that Wetpaint had announced similar support for external widgets, and Atlassian community had done that sometime last year. On the whole it feels like a general direction everyone is moving towards. Actually any platform not being able to support widgets feels like a misfit in current times. Let me think who can’t do this right now. ammmm. Oh! It’s Microsoft Office and Google Docs&Spreadsheets. Time to catch up guys.



3 Responses to “pbWiki traffic climbs; Launches plugin support”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Like I said, pbWiki raises $2 million Says:

    […] My speculation from last week of pbWiki raising more cash has come true. According to Valleywag, pbWiki has raised $2 million in its Series A round of funding from Mohr Davidow Ventures. pbWiki had raised $350K in seed funding last year. This is another collaboration space high of the week, which was started off by CD/EditGrid integration and followed by news of upcoming Google Docs integration with Google Apps. Stay tuned for another big news on this front later today or early morning tomorrow […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Beta and Funding news for the day Says:

    […] pbWiki tinkers with MS-Word: pbWiki is taking it’s small shot at MS-Office with a newly launched plugin for MS-Word that send files directly to pbWiki to make your collaboration easier. You can grab the plugin by clicking here. Related one, two, and three. […]

  3. startupulse.com » Blog Archive » PBWiki Says:

    […] – Technorati – Techcrunch – Centernetworks – PaidContent – StartupSquad – Startupmeme […]

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