reQall launches Voice-Text notes


The number of ways you can create, save, and retrieve your to-do lists just keep expanding. reQall is the latest variation. People at QTech, the company behind reQall, want to call this as memory aid – record your thoughts before your forget them. With reQall all you need to do is call the reQall’s phone number and add your voice notes. reQall quickly saves these voice notes to your account, converts them into text, and emails you the text and voice .wav file. If you want access to these notes from your PC, just install the reQall software to access all your notes. And if you are away from your PC, you can always call the reQall number for a total recall. Can’t have been more simpler than this.

Actually reQall goes a step further than just simply recording and converting of voice to text. The system smartly interprets your voice commands to save meeting, and tasks. So, you can create a voice note and in the end add “Save as Meeting for tomorrow 8 AM”, and you will find the meeting added to your reQall calendar. Now the only thing I would like get access to is reQall API to fetch my meetings schedule and feed it into Google Calendar using Teqlo. Yahoo/Goolge gadget/widget like Callwave would also help.

Jott is another startup, that launched its public beta in December last year, enabling voice-text notes taking.




6 Responses to “reQall launches Voice-Text notes”

  1. Matt Says:

    I use a similar service by the name of spinvox. They have a service where you can speak a note that works very much like reqall. I use them to convert my voicemail into text/email too. Its a great service that really takes this type of technology to the next level

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  3. samuleLjackson Says:

    i think reqall is free and its different as they are talking about memory rather than text to speech.

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  6. convert youtube to mp3 Says:

    heya! do you know where I can get the ghostbusters theme song (mp3)?, thx! Mike.

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