FeedGhost- Superfast RSS reader comes late to party

Being subscribed to more than 900 feeds, only way I can get my work done faster is if the feed reader can keep the pace. I have been using FeedDemon from Newsgator all along. However as my feed count as increased over time, FeedDemon Search is falling far behind. Usually it takes almost 1 minute before FeedDemon comes back with search results. Obviously I need to hold back on searches, which makes my task that much harder. Looking for alternatives, I tried Google Reader couple of times, but don’t think it is designed for 1024X768 screen size. Also the obvious lack of search functionality make it unusable from my standpoint.

However browsing through some blog couple of days back, I noticed ad for FeedGhost in a Google Adsense block. First reaction was- someone is really dumb to put out an ad few a new feed reader. Since the team is willing to put down money on their product, I thought I should be worth atleast 1 try. So went on to the site and discovered it is a client based feed reader, which I should have guessed from the similarity in names(Demon and Ghost). Downloaded the client, pushed my OPML into Ghost, and was surprised at the speed at which it started pulling in feed items. The most shocking part was searching through my feed items, when the search results came back under 1 sec. No more waiting around, and ultimately forgetting that you were searching for something. Get done with things and move on. With the ability to synchronize feeds across multiple machines, publish ‘link-blogs’, support for tagging, and many more of the features similar to FeedDemon, personally I am ready for the switch by paying $20 yearly license fee. Couple of things FeedGhost needs to get fixed though – being able to set refresh interval to 30 mins or less and sort out the issue of feeds not getting forced refresh(maybe this was one time thing when I tried doing that).

On the whole, FeedGhost is great product but has lot of catching up to do in terms of selling its product in a saturated market, which needs more of consumer focused Reader currently.



3 Responses to “FeedGhost- Superfast RSS reader comes late to party”

  1. Vivek Says:


    I don’t think i am writing here for getting freebies 😉

  2. Stu Smith Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m sorry if I caused offense — I certainly wasn’t intending to. We’re running a campaign to encourage people to review FeedGhost, so I just thought I’d mention it. As a MicroISV we’d be more than happy with more paying customers however!

    Once again thanks for the review, and enjoy FeedGhost!


    (PS – the problem you were having with force refresh – how did that manifest itself? When refreshing, the tree is overlaid with icons – blue for ‘in queue’, and green pulsing for ‘actively updating’). Did it get stuck in one particular state? Or did no overlays appear at all?)

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Get you feed priorities right with FeedGhost Says:

    […] Also since the last time I wrote about FeedGhost has added  support for tagging, link-blog creation, feed filtering, and a ?lite? version(lite is free, Pro comes for $20/year), and bunch of other features. I haven’t tried out all the new feature, but will do so later today. […]

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