AdaptiveBlue’s semantic plugin gets funded

AdaptiveBlue, startup behind the cool Firefox extension BlueOrganizer that launched last year in September at DEMOfall, today announced that it has closed Series A round of funding. The financing was lead by Union Square Ventures. Financial terms of the funding were undisclosed.

Yesterday was the first time I gave a real try to BlueOrganizer after a session with Alex Iskold who is the founder of AdaptiveBlue. I was amazed at the BlueOrganizer ‘s semantic relevancy engine built out into the extension that lets you get done with lot of things faster. Consider you are on, checking out movie reviews to add your Netflix queue. Regular tedious process is to search in IMDB, copy the name of the movie you like, and than paste/search the information at Netflix once more. BlueOrganizer gives you a simpler option for this. Just go to the BlueOrganizer right click context menu, and the app smartly recognizes the site you are on and gives you an option to add the movie to your Netflix queue right away. Such contextual hookups from  BlueOrganizer come up for each of the sites you visit everyday spanning hundreds of small to big categories. In the background BlueOrganizer works with as many APIs and search URL manipulations possible to drive down on the number of clicks needed for everyday tasks.

Best part about AdaptiveBlue is its focus on maintaining privacy around user data and still be able to provide personalized results unlike Google which has its own set of issues. The privacy part comes into play when you want  to quickly get your list of personalized sites for the contextual linking in BlueOrganizer without storing your browsing history on a 3rd part server. All you need to do is, hit the “Personalize” button in the BlueOrganizer’s settings, and it goes through your browsing history, looks at the frequency of the sites you typically visit, runs some more analysis, and automatically loads your personalized site list. All the while, none of your browsing history related data ever gets moved over to AdaptiveBlue servers. Seems like a simple but smart solution to me.

There is lot more to BlueOrganizer which you can discover once to start playing with it. Personally I think I would be using frequently from now on.




2 Responses to “AdaptiveBlue’s semantic plugin gets funded”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » in the sidebar; Becomes usable again Says:

    […] The number of useful sidebar and toolbars coming out is just exploding like anything. Some of the better ones already out there  - GoogleToolbar, and AdaptiveBlue, and another 2 recent releases – Mozilla Coop and Google Talk. All of them already all over my browser and under heavy use. And now wants to move in quickly before it runs out of space. Smart idea. today launched upgraded version of its Firefox extension that now pulls your Bookmarks into a sidebar. The new extension comes with all the basic features of web part of – ability to sort and search bookmarks instantly, view tag intersections, and modify your bookmarks. Even Cltr+B key combination gets mapped to bring up toolbar.  […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » AdaptiveBlue+LineBuzz = Clupedia gets $1.3 million Says:

    […] Clupedia core product is a browser plugin called Clucast. After you get Clucast plugin installed and highlight a word of text on a web page,  the plugin automatically generates and retrieves “clues”—ratings, reviews, notes, links or blogs related to those words. These clues can be sorted and searched, and on the social side of things users can write their own “clues” and have them ranked by others. As the startup claims ““It’s a way to aggregate comments and opinions that people have placed wherever on the Web”. Well, these features sound similar to what AdaptiveBlue and LineBuzz have been trying to sell in the recent past. Still I would be interested to checkout the product twist in this case. […]

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