CentralDesktop integrates with EditGrid

CentralDesktop team is making sure that they don’t end up reinventing the wheel and still integrate the best web-based applications in their solid collaboration platform. So last month CentralDesktop got together with EditGrid in a new partnership that enables CD users to create spreadsheets right from their workspace. From EditGrid standpoint, this served as the 3rd major revenue generation hookup in the past 40 days for the best web-based spreadsheet provider. Earlier EditGrid had announced pricing for Company/Team based access and also launched its integration with Salesforce. CentralDesktop had also done similar integration with Salesforce earlier this year in form of Customer Extranets.

With the introduction of this new feature set CentralDesktop users will be able create, edit and share online spreadsheets in real-time. Besides this users will have access to all the standard features from EditGrid including real-time multi-user editing, ability to import and export spreadsheets to and from Microsoft Excel, and export spreadsheets as XLS, XML, PDF, CSV, and other file formats. Basically users will get all the niceties of EditGrid working in tune with the comprehensive access controls provided by CentralDesktop. Real deal of this feature release is that it comes free to end-users, while CD and EditGrid teams settle those rev share details among themselves. So, while GoogleSpreadsheets/Jotspot combo plays out the catchup game, CentralDesktop with EditGrid becomes one of the best and cost effective collaboration platforms to work on.



10 Responses to “CentralDesktop integrates with EditGrid”

  1. EditGrid Developers Blog » Blog Archive » EditGrid Brings Online Spreadsheets to Central Desktop Says:

    […] We have another piece of exciting news to share right after our out-of-beta announcement — EditGrid is now empowering the collaborative spreadsheet feature of Central Desktop. This is a right partnership deal for us at the moment as it pits two like-minded web application service start-up together. The integrated product will form a compelling offering in the web-based collaboration space. The official announcement is released on Central Desktop’s blog. The news is promptly picked up by ZDNet, Read/Write Web, StartupSquad and a few others. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Like I said, pbWiki raises $2 million Says:

    […] My speculation from last week of pbWiki raising more cash has come true. According to Valleywag, pbWiki has raised $2 million in its Series A round of funding from Mohr Davidow Ventures. pbWiki had raised $350K in seed funding last year. This is another collaboration space high of the week, which was started off by CD/EditGrid integration and followed by news of upcoming Google Docs integration with Google Apps. Stay tuned for another big news on this front later today or early morning tomorrow […]

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » iUpload - more money for wiki solutions Says:

    […] Collaboration is the name of the game thesedays and as a result we have just too many startups doing that. Wetpaint, pbWiki, Confluence, CentralDesktop, SocialText, Google, Blogtronix, Clearspace, Serebrum, Intel Suite Two ………And now another well funded startup to compete with for everyone – iUpload. According to PEHub, iUpload has raised $7 million in it’s Series A round of funding from Greylock Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners. iUpload service gets you Wikis, Discussions forums, blogs, forms, ACL, workflows, API….. iUpload seems to be strong in sales, which can win the game in this scenario. Besides the above, Microsoft bundling Wiki+Forum+Workflows+IM with Sharepoint can make life difficult for everyone. […]

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Central Desktop keeps getting better - now with Intranet Says:

    […] Related:Centralist integrates with EditGridCentralDesktop reaches out to Salesforce users Tags: […]

  5. .:|randgaenge|:. » Blog Archive web2.0 social software knowledge-management collaboration business enterprise intranet wien österreich sharing,innovation,software » webware (write)stuff Says:

    […] I just think that only those application services will survive in the market that somehow integrate with storage service providers. Zoho is doing that successfully already by offering their services via APIs to Omnidrive and Box.net. Editgrid integrates with Centraldesktop and Salesforce, which represents a different take on the topic of integration. If you’d ask me I vote for the storage service provider (SSP) integration or even better both. Writewith should hurry they offer some neat functionality. […]

  6. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » SecondBrain: CMS for the ordinary Says:

    […] How much so ever Google, Yahoo, Microsoft try, and and how much so ever you want, there will always be a mix of services and applications that you would eventually use from each of them. If you are not using apps from one of these biggies, you would definitely be using services from smart startups like Editgrid or Peepel or …..Eitherway you will have your documents and files located around the web, with no possible way to access them easily. OpenId solves some problems, but only if you want to login to those sites. What if you just want to manage your online content from one place? More so like your digital media center where all your digital content stays put. […]

  7. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Exclusive: ShareMethods beats Google to finish line; Launches EditGrid+Preezo+iNet Mashup Says:

    […] Oh Yeah Preezo is finally live! Oh Yeah EditGrid and Preezo and iNetword are working together! Oh Yeah we have the big-big Office20 mashup! I had written about the upcoming launch of this mashup few days back and today I am free to write about the aptly branded and much awaited office suite – ShareOffice. The mashup, driven by on-demand content management solution provider ShareMethods, comes in partnership with the best of the breed Office20 solutions built in the last few years. […]

  8. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Do you SmartSheet? Says:

    […] While the idea might look interesting to start with, you can always achieve the basic set of functionality with EditGrid for a much lower price point. Or if you want more for almost the same price, you can always use CentralDesktop which has integrated task management( events showup on your calendar too) and also delivers EditGrid from one single location. […]

  9. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Clarizen Launches; Microsoft Project on the web Says:

    […] Clarizen’s offering an On-Demand collaboration solution with an UI similar to Microsoft Project in some aspects. Clarizen’s concept revolves pretty much around the same ideas that you might find in CentralDesktop or 37Signals or one of the others. You can create projects, tasks, assign tasks, manager, phase, ……..all the typical metadata that you need to organize things easily in a team environment.  Clarizen has a unique 3 section pane in the “Current Project” space that gives easier access to Roadmap, Work Breakdown Structure, Closing milestone all in one place. Besides templates, alerts, highlights, admin section are there to make the job easier. […]

  10. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » peanuts+butter for Numsum Says:

    […] There is not much rationale behind the move from pbWiki. Since CentralDesktop has partnered with EditGrid, SocialText has the WikiCalc angle, Google has Jotspot and Google Spreadsheets+iRows, pbWiki had to get onto the spreadsheet game. Today pbWiki announced that it has  partnered with Numsum for offering spreadsheet functionality to it’s wiki users. Numsum was one of the earliest players to emerge on the spreadsheet collaboration scene almost 2 years back but has never really capitalized on it’s early lead and hence remains a not so feature rich option. I would have loved to see EditGrid out there, but…… […]

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