Google Docs integration with Google Apps this week?

Google in planning to add Google Docs and Spreadsheets into its Google Apps offering sometime this week, according to Infoworld. This is going to be the first major upgrade for Google Apps for Domain service since its launch almost 6 months back. At this point there is no news whether Docs and Spreadsheets themselves will get new features added. Also, will Google Powerpoint killer get to see light of the day this week?

As an aside, BlueTie which is another provider of Zimbra/Google Apps like hosted service of mail+calendar+…, is claiming that more than 15k “small businesses” have signed up for its service. I wonder how many of them plan to stay back as the service totally loses out on the feature set as compared to Google and Zimbra.

On the whole seems like an interesting week is shaping up on the collaboration front.



One Response to “Google Docs integration with Google Apps this week?”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Like I said, pbWiki raises $2 million Says:

    […] My speculation from last week of pbWiki raising more cash has come true. According to Valleywag, pbWiki has raised $2 million in its Series A round of funding from Mohr Davidow Ventures. pbWiki had raised $350K in seed funding last year. This is another collaboration space high of the week, which was started off by CD/EditGrid integration and followed by news of upcoming Google Docs integration with Google Apps. Stay tuned for another big news on this front later today or early morning tomorrow […]

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