Hotmail gets Pushy on Windows Mobile

Even though none of the Window Mobile 6(WM6) devices will be available in the market for at least another couple of months, the Microsoft Mobile team is getting ready to take on the likes of RIM. According to one of the msdn bloggers, Microsoft has added support for Push email using Windows Live Hotmail onto WM6 devices. So any email hitting your Hotmail account will simultaneously reach your mobile device. Earlier this feature was available only on the Windows Mobile 5 devices working in conjunction with Exchange 2003/2007. Significance of this new release is that Microsoft is beginning to move early into the consumer space, instead of trying to sell the service just to the enterprise customers, which is a RIM stronghold in US forever. However I am not sure how many push email accounts will a typical Windows Mobile 6 device support. Blackberry does 10. Although I don’t use each of those 10, but definitely more than 1.

Availability of Push email along with tight integration of Windows Live Messenger suddenly makes WM6 a recommendable product.


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Blackberry to push mail on WinMo Says:

    […] RIM has this smart new idea. User on his Windows Mobile 6 device clicks on an icon, and out comes a Blackberry application suite. Whoa! Wait a minute. Isn’t Microsoft onto something similar? Yes, in fact they are – Hotmail gets Pushy on Windows Mobile. So while we have Microsoft encroaching onto RIM’s territory, RIM doesn’t want to hold back either. RIM’s value addition comes by enabling Windows Mobile users to connect to their BlackBerry Enterprise Server as well as BlackBerry Internet Service. Besides that they are talking about WinMOs ability to run third-party applications developed for the BlackBerry platform. While the push-email part of things sounds okay, I am not really sure about the 3rd part apps angle. How many “useful” apps do you really have that are Blackberry compatible except the ones from Google? Not many. […]

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