Random thoughts- Zlango, CPI, Google RSS plans

Zlango: Let me tell you a story that I read in high school in India. I think the title was “Table is a Table”. I might be wrong on the title and even the exact details since this was about 13 years back. Anyway the story- There used to be this old morose guy living all by himself, never talking to his neighbors, or friends, or anyone. Obviously he feels bored and wants to do something new. After quite bit of pondering he comes up with an interesting new plan in which he will call every object with another objects name. So he starts calling table as chair, chair as bed, bed as sofa, sofa as plate, plate as bowl, and the list continues. And you know what, soon enough he is trained in the language and really-really happy on his accomplishment of inventing a new language all by himself. Feeling that he should get the word out in the street he goes out to talk with people, and soon realizes that people don’t understand his new language. So he tells to himself – “never mind, lets get back to the old boring ways”. To his dismay he finds out that he has forgotten his old language itself and there is no way he can tell people about his situation.

The above story makes me think about Zlango. Icons are cool. Idea is great. But I think it is too much of hassle on either side to learn and interpret what is being said. Being one sided expert will make you feel like the man in the above story. Aside from that, one new and interesting calculation point that comes to my mind is – Cost per Icon. Zlango till date has received $18 million in funding for its 200 icons. This gives us a CPI of $90K, which is a very rough estimate, but this is what Zlango has in terms of IP. Picasso, Dali et al might be turning in their graves right now 😉

Google RSS: Google giving out feed subscription statistics for Google IG and Google Reader makes me think that the search giant has no immediate plans around building FeedBurner alternative. I wonder what the reasons are behind this move. Also the Google Adsense blocks for RSS feeds have been under private beta testing for around 1.5 years now. Do the internal Google forecasts indicate that blogs/RSS is not a big enough platform to go after?


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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Stripgenerator - fun & fast comic creator Says:

    […] Stripgenerator is cool new service from a team of 5 developers located in Slovenia. You can quickly create fun comic strips using the flash based interface. Ability to add characters, text balloons, objects to your extensible strip comes standard with the service. Only thing missing are embed codes for your strips. So your work is pretty much stuck at the site itself. Since the company is just starting out, I hope this would change pretty soon in future. Look much more interactive than Zlango and gets your creative part to work. […]

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