coRank- Digg alternative in making

Former employee of NetScape and eBay, Rogelio Andreo, is building a Digg alternative at coRank. I know we have enough of them, maybe coming at the rate of 1 each day, but this is a bit different. Besides the emphasis on pushing hot news items to front page, Rogelio wants to enable users to promote new news items to their front page via “votes of the people this user has previously selected”. From what I can infer from the statement is that you will be able to add friends anonymously to your network without they knowing that they are part of your network. Any votes from these people will push your article higher up on your front page. How about users openly disclosing who is part of their network to get higher votes or even kicking out people who vote -ive? I know Rogelio would definitely have plans for these issues to start with. Nevertheless makes coRank an interesting startup to watch for where users will be motivated to promote their page and not just the news stories.



2 Responses to “coRank- Digg alternative in making”

  1. RBA Says:

    Just to clarify…
    You don’t add friends anonymously (we call them sources because they don’t need to be your “friends”). Everything is 100% transparent. You can see who selected you as a source and others can see who you have as your sources. The difference is that you can add someone as a source without requiring consent from the other person. Similar to the “my network” feature of delicious. Anyway, we should be launching within days, and hopefully that’lll answer some of your questions 🙂 Hope you like it!

  2. Daniel Travolto Says:
    a worldwide digg alternative
    soon launching in
    english, spanish, german

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