Jargong mobile IM will Twitter soon

Jargong is another Europe based startup launched late last year working on developing mobile IM app. Jargong lets you login and chat with GTalk, MSN, AIM, ICQ, and Jabber buddies from your mobile phone. Nothing new in that. Number of startups are already doing that among other things. However Jargong  is trying to go beyond the standard IM space by integrating photo search/upload/view/sharing and RSS feed support into the mobile client.

                                    Another smart part of the service that will be released in the next version, is the integration with Twitter and Jaiku. When the feature goes live, once you connect to your Twitter account with Jargong your status message from Twitter will become your IM status and any changes to the IM status will be reflected onto Twitter. Definitely does cut down on status update at least for 1 application when you need to leave in hurry. From the technology perspective this particular feature is not difficult to implement, but having more such integrations with other social networking platforms can make mobile startups like Jargong stand apart. 

As for device support, Jargong primarily supports Sony Ericssons right now with support for Symbian 60s coming up in the next release.




4 Responses to “Jargong mobile IM will Twitter soon”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Mabber relaunches; How about interacting with users now? Says:

    […] Yesterday Mabber launched a new release of its mobile and web based instant messaging platform. New features include a widget that you can place on your blog and enable people to connect with you while you are on Mabber web or mobile. Nothing new about this feature since it is already offered by few other startups including Wambo, and Meebo. Besides this Mabber has added support for getting alerts for RSS feeds through instant messages and also upgraded its mobile client. I am not sure what new the mobile client upgrade really offers since there are very few details on the site. Even this area is not without major competition that now includes Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Fring, Nimbuzz, Jargong, and few more. […]

  2. peter Says:

    New version is out and is sure Twitters (through status message in IM). Also works on s60-phones. No Jaiku though, they have not yet release their API. Their own client is greate though, but not very exciting if you don’t have buddys using it..

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Pixilis=Pixilis+Pixilive+Pixilife; Jargong Twitters; Imagini’s VisualDNA Says:

    […] Jargong: I had written about this social+IM+RSS client few weeks back. At that time Jargong was getting ready to release its integration with Twitter. As one of StartupSquad.com’s reader pointed out yesterday, Jargong has launched a new release of the app that among other things enables users to set their IM status as their Twitter status. […]

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    […] Related:Jargong mobile IM will Twitter soon […]

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