Mojopages local search goes alpha

Mojopages, the local search engine that I had written about in the past, finally launched alpha version of the site over the past weekend. From the initial view, the site looks pretty comprehensive that adds a very strong social networking angle to plain old local search.

Backed by commercial local listings data, Mojopages enables users to rate and write reviews of businesses. Number of interaction points build into the platform gives the site a dynamic feel. Mojopages enables uploading of photos, videos, sending IMs, retrieve coupons, and many more related options. You can easily create social networking site worthy profile, add people to your network, join discussions in the community via QAs and SmallTalk. Best part I like about Mojopages is the emphasis on tracking user activity and contributions to the community. Typical problem reading reviews on a regular site is that you are not really sure whether the review is genuine and trustworthy. At Mojopages you can quickly view all the reviews and ratings given by a particular user besides their activity in community QAs, and Small Talk.

Having said that, I think trying to marry off local search with social networking is tough task. Quite a few have tried the marriage, some have changed directions after not being able to make headway(read Judysbook), some are going down slowly(read CitySearch), and some gaining ground albeit slowly(read Yelp). Would be interesting to see how Mojo plays the game differently and manages to win.



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