Newsgator looks toward branded communities

Newsgator is finally planning to enter the market of branded communities and conversational advertising. I had for long expected Newsgator moving into this area given its core strength in syndication and delivery of content. Newsgator’s new plan feels vaguely similar to RSS based brandable communities from Eluma. With the new product, brand managers will be able to create and host  “branded Hosted Conversation” around select themes and topics. Content for each of  these conversations will be extracted by the host from news media, blogs and other content sources. Users will have the ability to participate in the conversation through commenting on existing articles or publishing their own articles. Newsgator will try to keep the RSS term usage in the background to make onboarding easier for ordinary users. As you might expect, widget based deliver of ads will provide the perfect icing.

Each implementation and rollout of a brandable community will take around 2 weeks with clients working together with Newsgator and Edelman teams. From the end-product look and feel perspective, it might have similarities with Skinkers event alert tool, with additional interaction options built-in.

However I think Newsgator is entering a new world of brand marketing which requires different kind of management experience to push the product forward. Product strategy aside, selling the product to consumer facing companies, and there by getting it picked up by the end users will hold key to the success of the new venture.

On the whole, list of companies and startups, besides Newsgator, looking at building brandable communities or already doing so now include Eluma, Skinkers, ViTrue, LiveJournal, and Yahoo.

Newsgator Hosted Conversations


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