Newsgator sells off Marsedit

Newsgator has sold its Mac based blog publishing tool Marsedit to Red-sweater Software, a Massachusetts based developer of applications for Macintosh. Brent Simmons, product developer at Newsgator, had been leading the development efforts for NetNewsWire, which is a Mac based feed reader from Newsgator, and Marsedit simultaneously. As NetNewsWire is going through major development activity, Brent wants to stick to supporting only one core product at a time. So out comes the decision from Newsgator to ship off Marsedit’s future development and support work to Daniel Jalkut at Red-sweater. Daniel is a prolific Mac based applications developer and had worked at Apple till 2002 before starting Mac consulting services.

As for future plans, Daniel thinks Marsedit “current functionality is only the tip of the iceberg” and has “some important changes planned from the get-go”. On the whole this is a great news for Mac users but a big-blow for windows users who can forget about Marsedit’s Windows porting and have to stick back with Live Writer, which hasn’t seen any new activity for some time now, or Performancing, which has gone through self inflicted blows to finally get renamed as ScribeFire.



2 Responses to “Newsgator sells off Marsedit”

  1. Red Sweater Blog - Red Sweater Acquires MarsEdit Says:

    […] Erik Barzeski Luis de la Rosa Startup Squad Takaaki Kato […]

  2. Kurt Munro Says:

    Does anyone know a product like this for Windows? “Blog This” on Google toolbar doesn’t have the label fields.

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