Adobe MyFeedz drives personalized feeds; Needs more work though

Web-based personalize-able feed reader MyFeedz was released under Adobe Labs last week. MyFeedz was around in the market for while before being picked up by Adobe last year in August.

After trying it out for around 30 mins, MyFeedz has got me thinking where exactly it fits into the RSS world. One thing for sure, it is not targeted at power users like me who have 1000+ feeds and need to go through lot of stuff very quickly. What MyFeedz is good at is using community to drive fresh content in case you don’t have plans to build your own feed list or are just starting out. You can startoff with the personalization mode by selecting tags important to you. Next time you load the home page, MyFeedz automatically brings up the top stories from blogosphere related to your tags. Sounds like a good plan, but a lot depends on how good the personalization engine is and which news items ends up at the top. Consider the case for the tag “widget”. Comparing the results at MyFeedz and Google Blog Search, I felt that MyFeedz results struggled in terms of relevancy as compared to Google. Maybe it is due to lesser number of feeds that are aggregated by MyFeedz(51k) or it might be relevancy engine itself. You can still limit the results to your own feeds or sort by date to get the fresh content on the top but for those things you are better off using Google Blog Search.

One of the things that MyFeedz does better is that it detects stories that link or refer to other stories, and which are simply copies of others. This is a major pain with Google Blog Search or Technorati or even in feed readers. Also tagging of articles, and ability to remove irrelevant articles from list work towards building more personalized list. On the whole, being able to get the relevancy formula right to reduce information overload matters the most. TouchstoneLive is another startup located downunder looking to solve this problem.




One Response to “Adobe MyFeedz drives personalized feeds; Needs more work though”

  1. Steve Says:

    I have been using Touchstone since the early Alpha releases – it has worked very well for me and has become a program that I use everyday now, and have become reliant upon it to keep me informed of what my competitors are doing and what other players in my market space are doing.

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