Skype on mobile enabler iSkoot raises another $7 million


iSkoot has raised another $7 million dollars for its Skype calling from mobile venture. This was series B round of funding for the Cambridge, MA, based startup, which was led by Charles River Ventures and includes previous investors Khosla Ventures, ZG Ventures and Jesselson Capital. It was only near the end of last year that iSkoot had raised $6.2 million in its series A round of funding. As part of the investment Charles River Ventures general partner,  Izhar Armony, will join iSkoot’s board of directors.

iSkoot had made big news last year when it hooked up with UK mobile carrier 3 to provide Skype based calling plan for its X-Series handsets. As part of the subscription plan, X-Series customers will be able to make unlimited Skype calls(finer print: 5,000 minutes each month. Anything above- account gets suspended) from their Nokia N73. From technology perspective, iSkoot is not really doing the funky voice over data network stuff like Fring. Instead data network aids in browsing part, while calls still go through voice network. Also N73 is not a WiFi enabled device, which might make the plan not so favorable among consumers really looking for cheaper calling options.



2 Responses to “Skype on mobile enabler iSkoot raises another $7 million”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » EQO funded. What for? Says:

    […] Now there are lot of people out there asking why Skype doesn’t do the mobile piece by itself instead of EQO or iSkoot fight it out. Besides the regulation issues, and need for time and resources to develop such an app, Skype would practically be killing it’s cash cow – SkypeOut. With the always ON crowd of around 9 million moving over to free mobile-mobile calling who would pay for SkypeOut? Getting more users to their network is something that Fring and Barablu are trying to drum-up. If they can get more of my buddies onto their network earlier, I would be more than happy to call and chat for free. Tags: […]

  2. omar Says:

    I need myspace IM

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