CBS invests in SecondLife developer


Whether you hate or love, think it will succeed or not, user stats provided matchup or not, Virtual Worlds is here to stay. Today’s announcement of CBS investing in Electric Sheep company, developer of SecondLife, is just another fact that proves this. CBS has agreed to participate in Electric Sheep’s $7 million round of financing, which includes existing investors Gladwyne Partners. The exact amount of investment has not been disclosed. CBS has lot more play as part of this investment. CBS already has communities for couple of it’s shows at Second Life including, The L Word and for Star Trek, and filmed commercial inside Second Life to promote CBS show “Two and a Half Men.” From the ES perspective, they will be looking to use the funding to make SL platform easier to get on to and attract people beyond the geeky crowd.

Second Life goes mobile

Electric Sheep company


3 Responses to “CBS invests in SecondLife developer”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Second Life developer gets funded Says:

    […] Last week I had written about Second Life development company getting funded by CBS. Besides the funding side of things, major companies are already engaged in or planning to play a bigger role at SecondLife. This includes IBM, Reuters, HBO, CBS, Mini Cooper, Mazda, and many more. That is lot of work chasing a small community compared to what we have at MySpace or Youtube. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » foto-foo - Can they make it Twitter for Photo? Says:

    […] Launched today, foto-foo is a small idea that potentially grow big. The flash-based webapp takes yours photos online via your webcam and lets you send then to friends or post it on your blog or homepage or post your picture on the sl-foo wall in Second Life. This idea falls into the league services like Eyejot or one of widgets from KickApps that lets you make videos online. […]

  3. Watch Shrek Says:

    I usually don’t leave comments on posts, but your article called on me to praise your blog. Thanks for writing this, I’ll make sure to bookmark your site and come back once in awhile. Happy blogging.

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