Netvibes UW; Koolanoo funded; CellSwapper in Canada; Cruxy goes virtual

Netvibes: The home page service startup is ready for push into the Universal Widget space, where any Netvibes widget will work across all platforms and APIs, namely Google IG, Pageflakes, Apple Dashboard, Vista……However most of the widget centered startups are already working in this direction. Israel based widget syndication and analytics startup Musestorm had already launched cross platform support for widgets last month. Widgets generated through Musestorm platform currently work on web, Google Desktop, Yahoo Widget Engine, with support for Mac, Vista, Mobiles, and IMs under works. Besides this Pageflakes and Yourminis already allow uses to take their widgets beyond the homepages services, and I am pretty sure each of these startups would sooner or later hit the universal ground.

Koolanoo: The Israel based Jewish social network has raised $3 million from Giza Venture Capital. What can be expect next in the social net space? Sites targeting Jewish Adults, or Christian Teens,….Anyway traffic graphs for Koolanoo look poor as ever everywhere- Quantcast, Compete, and Alexa.

CellSwapper: The cell contract escape mechanism platform CellSwapper has now started offering its services in Canada. It has been only 2 months since CellSwapper launched and its claiming that hundreds of plans and contracts have been posted and transferred. CellSwapper is claiming to have a damn good posting to transfer request times, which are averaging at 3 days currently.

Cruxy: More virtual life news for the day. Cruxy is now playing music in SecondLife. As they say “Cruxy Player for Second Life is a portable music player for use at listening parties, as a promotional giveaway, or for just some relaxing downtime in your personal parcel of land.” You start playing music, you can load and play music from your mp3 playlists. I ain’t virtual right now, so can’t really tell how that works out.


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  1. Brad Dockser Says:

    Re Koolanoo. read the blog above. Firstly, I think the investment was made in regards to their China website. As i read in other blogs Koolanoo Group is the name of the company and is not their website, or not their source of business activity. The company is not Israeli based, its actually HK and China- Correcting information is needed to get a clear picture. I am in property investments but I can see the huge potential of entering the China online space. I think its a bold move, but definitly worth the risk- and by the way who the hell uses Alexa as a realistic measuring scale?

  2. Jerry Cohen Says:

    Smart move – China for the Koolanoo Group- Lets keep an eye out, or at least appluad the courage and direction-

  3. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Yourminis widgets now work on Desktop Says:

    […] With the launch of Apollo integration Yourminis has beaten HomePage heavyweights Netvibes, Pageflakes,…… in delivering widgets to the desktop. Google gadgets do work on the desktop but again you need to install Google Desktop to get them going. Yourminis advantage is that Apollo designed to be an application development and deployment platform. Sooner or later users will be getting Apollo installed onto their machines, which will not be the case with Google Desktop. Although Musestorm does not directly compete in the homepage space, it would be worth mentioning that the widget syndication and analytics service had launched compatibility with Google Desktop earlier this year.  […]

  4. Larry Bloom Says:

    O.D. Kobo, Chairman and CEO Koolanoo Group- Raised in Hong Kong, educated in NY and England, drwas a long history of successful start-ups in the Internet industry since 1998 (as a private investor). Runs and firm control on his platform, currently the fastest growing website online China history. over 400,000 unique IP visits a day- is China’s Social Network / Broadcasting platform-
    taken from

  5. Jeffery Katz Says:

    O.D. Kobo, Chairman and CEO of The Koolanoo Group. A strategic Internet investment company with an emphasis in online ventures in China. Internet maverick that has lead a string of heavy investors into China.

    The Koolanoo Group owns and operates – China’s Social Network/Video Sharing/Blog/Music/and Broadcasting mix. One of the fastest growing websites online in China, 360Quan is directed for the youth culture of China, currently consisting of 86% of the online traffic.

    Mr. Kobo draws a long history of successful start-ups in the Internet industry since 1998, always as a private investor, until Koolanoo Group. Known for his extensive operating skills, aggressive marketing strategies and a ‘hands-on’ approach to management. Innovative approaches and focus.

    The Koolanoo Group is funded by Giza VC, Ron Zuckerman of DSP, Sapiens, Precise Software Solutions, Magnum VC and Shimon Alon of Veritas, Scitex and Precise Software Solutions.

    O.D. Kobo (Oded David Kobo) Born: Israel August 30th, 1974. Resides in Beijing, China.

    Taken form online sources-

  6. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » DreamFace-Interactive brings Widgets + Personalization to Enterprises Says:

    […] France based DreamFace-Interactive is jumping onto the widget bandwagon with a solid offering that takes aim at behind-the-firewall Enterprise space. DFI is founded by Olivier Poupeney, who had previously worked for software development companies including Sybase and Ecensity Corp. With strong background in design and development of enterprise softwares and consumer personalized space getting frothy from the strong presence of likes of Google, Yourminis, Netvibes, Pageflakes…., Olivier figured out it was always a better plan to move over the enterprise space. So here we have Olivier ready with his DFI Framework to demo at Web20 Expo. […]

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