Quintura upgrades; Now searches videos, Amazon

Quintura, the visual search engine whose funding news had spread around from StartupSquad.com last year, has released a new version of their See & Find™ concept based platform. With the launch of this new release, Quintura has introduced the ability to search videos and products at Amazon. Quintura is currently using the Yahoo Video search to power its video search, and obviously hitting the Amazon API for other addition.

Quintura has also started displaying graphical images (favorite icons) next to tags (search terms) in the tag cloud. The icon is associated with a URL that corresponds to a search term. Clicking the icon from the tag cloud takes you right to the site, which gives the Google like “I’am Feeling Lucky” type convenience as you move from one tag to another. Also with the new release, Quintura has moved the results on to the right side of the page, which I think is a much better placement as compared to having the results beneath the tag cloud.

If you haven’t given Quintura a try, you should consider that doing soon since it brings out so many tag based relationships for your search keywords that you will be amazed at results you typically can miss out on Google.

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