Joyent partners with Corel; Newsgator Desktop launched

Joyent has partnered with Corel to provide data backup service for Corel WordPerfect Lightning, a note taking software from Corel. Any user backing up his/her notes from Lightning onto Joyent will get 2 complimentary Joyent Connector accounts and 200MB of storage for free. As always, good and bad news accompanies any new partnership. Bad news – Corel Lightning UI totally sucks. At least I can’t see myself using it. If you compare it to Evernote or Microsoft’s OneNote, the software has lot of catching up to do. Good News – You get to try Joyent Connector for free for the first time. If you haven’t already tried Joyent, the product set includes web-based Mail, Calendar, Contact Management, Bookmarks, and obviously file storage applications.

Newsgator: The Colorado’s coolest startup has launched beta of its new product – Newsgator Desktop. As expected, any feed post you read from Desktop gets synced backed to your Newsgator account and will show up read everywhere including FeedDemon, Windows RSS Platform, and Newsgator Online. In my PoV, the application is targeted at users having maybe 20 or fewer feeds otherwise pop-up notifications loose their significance. Newsgator team does provide controls around this by adding support for choosing feeds for which you want the notifications to be displayed. So, in case you are not already using FD, Desktop can be good alternative to get tuned to RSS. Can we expect personalized push as the next move from Newsgator?


3 Responses to “Joyent partners with Corel; Newsgator Desktop launched”

  1. Nick Harris Says:

    Thanks for the mention of NewsGator Desktop! I disagree though that notifications loose their value for users with more then 20 feeds. I’m over 120 myself and find the notifications very valuable. It helps me blow through a bulk of the stuff I get each day so that when I get to Inbox, Online or Go! where I do my real reading, I’m left with just stuff that I care about.

    Anyway, thanks again!

  2. Vivek Puri Says:


    I would agree that 20 feed limit is too low. Lets make that 120. But I have 1000 feeds(some of which are high volume) and NewsGator Desktop notifications were constantly popping up yesterday, which off course i was not able to look at in real-time. The feature to select particular feeds to get the notifications for does come handy in this case.

  3. Nick Harris Says:

    That’s fair… you can adjust how often the notifications come in, but I have feeling that wouldn’t make your use case much better…

    I can see how the way it is now really has no use for a power user besides just being annoying. So what would? Is there any feature we could add to the notifications to make them more useful for you?

    Nothing is a valid answer, I’m just wondering… 🙂

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