Outside.in – Local news aggregator gets funded

Union Square Ventures has invested in a 6 month old startup, Outside.in, a localized media content aggregation startup. Outside.in received $900K as part of the investment. Other investors who participated in the funding round includes Marc Andreessen, John Seely Brown, Esther Dyson, Village Ventures(firm of Tripod founder Bo Peabody), Milestone Venture Partners, and angel investors George Crowley, John Borthwick, and Richard Smith. Pretty long list, huh? As for the founding team of Outside.in, it includes Steven Berlin Johnson, co-creator online magazine FEED and the Webby-Award-winning community site, Plastic.com, and John Geraci who previously worked on Neighbornode, Pheeder and Foundcity.

Idea of Outside.in is to aggregate blogosphere and other media content around your neighborhoods. As an initial push in this direction, Outside.in launched their service today in 63 cities, and 3217 neighborhoods in the U.S. As a user you can bring in stories to Outside.in and associate them with a area. Or as a blog publisher, you can use the FeedBurner “geotag this post” flare to easily get the post tagged, which will than show the number of posts tagged for that location. From a reader perspective you can enter your city, neighborhood, or zip code to start exploring your local community

Craigslist and Topix Forums are some of the sites which has done exceedingly well in fostering localized discussions. But automation of this task to get content from blogosphere is a great idea. Issues can still arise from the incorrect geo-content associations, spam blogs rolling up geo-tagged pharma ads into Outside.in, and more of such types. Would be interesting to watch how Outside.in deals with the challenges of dynamic and expanding world of blogs.



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  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Outside.in puts bloggers on the map Says:

    […] Outside.in, the local news aggregator that had got funded few months back, is doing some interesting but expected stuff on top of Google Maps. In a new release launched at the Where2.0 conference, Outside.in now shows a maps with all the posts by a given blogger that are associated with a specific place. That makes it a very effective medium to search/browse real local news and can be useful if you are living out there in a big city. Right now the option to put posts on maps is enabled only for bloggers in the Outside.in system, but the feature would soon be open to any registered neighbor of the community. […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Text2store widgetizes coupons Says:

    […] Now that is a really really small non-recurring payout to drive in any users. I don’t see viral uptake happening for the widget and subscription happening. Besides that, since Text2store serves local coupons, large number of bigger blogs are not going to be interested in adding the widget since the widgets are not targeted towards a global user base. Still, a partnership with Outside.in(review) can work right. […]

  3. Ola Ayeni Says:

    The widget for relevance is made to create value to local users as well as regional, national and international users.

    We believe what good is it if you receive a deal or coupon and you can not redeem it in your local store.
    Many of the retailers who have partnered with us have local brick and mortar stores as well as websites presence for global puchases e.g Mondera, Shoebuy.com. Gaiam.com and many others.

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