Cellblock remote media refresh takes on both worlds – Desktop+Web

Widget based media sharing service Cellblock has been around for a while all along building cool new features. Today Cellblock added another significant feature to the service that extends the scope of the widget to the desktop space and in process adds disruptive real-time collaborative capabilities to the widget space. With just a few clicks, you can download a cellblock to your desktop that requires the recent version of JRE to work. Just as with the Flickr upload tool, you can upload content by simply dragging and dropping into the widget. Big difference is that you can upload photos and as well as videos onto the desktop widget. After this is when the real magic happens. As soon as you upload, the content updates instantly everywhere – on every desktop and on every website it’s embedded on. I think this is a pretty significant feature release ’cause it blurs the line between desktop and web widgets while making it easier to send content updates remotely, an important feature that was ignored in number of cases notably Youtube video widget. So now you can find yourself attaching a Cellblock Desktop Widget to a email that takes up almost no space but still displays an unlimited amount of photo and video content, streamed in real-time.

Few companies have already been working on enabling this feature set including Google, Splashcast, Preclick with each of them targeting a different market with a unique implementation. As expected Google is focused on pushing Adsense video ads through such a widget, while Splashcast has taken the traditional show->channel->player approach, and Preclick is using the Instant Messaging way to remotely refresh media content. However I am impressed by the Cellblock implementation that gets things done without requiring end users to install a new application.



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    […] Bookmarking had to come to videos sooner or later. Searchles got there first with the launch of today Searchles TV today. Searchles TV lets users fetch videos from multiple videos sites and makes all them viewable at one single place. As you go along number of video sites everyday you can use the Searchles bookmarklet to tag these videos to your channels. While viewing, you get all your videos shown out there in a list and can quickly scan through to reach your favorite content. Smart part of the service is that anytime you update videos in your channel the changes are automatically syndicated to all the people using your embed code. This feature sounds much like what KickApps Video Player, or ClipSyndicate, or Splashcast are doing. Still, I am not sure if the video updates happen in a forced refresh manner, like CellBlock does, or not. […]

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