Izimi p2web; Obopay with Citibank; adManager bait

Izimi: is another peer-to-web application in making. Right now in private beta and launching early next month, Izimi will enable users to serve files, photos, videos right from their PC. The UK based startup is supposed to have raised a small amount of funding totaling £150k from Star Capital just under $3million. Earlier I had written about Boxcloud and PurpleNova operating in the same space.

Citibank+Obopay: The mobile payment startup has finally hit gold. Obopay is running a pilot program with Citibank to enable its credit and debit card customers to instantly send and receive money via any mobile phone. Besides this customers will be able to remotely track and manage their mobile payment accounts by checking balances, viewing payment histories, and adding funds directly from their mobile phone. Last time I had written about Obopay, the startup had raised $10 million in funding. Since than Obopay has acquired BillMonk and undergone major management additions.

Microsoft adManager: The software giant is throwing out a bait for existing and new Microsoft Office Live subscribers to get them hitched onto the Microsoft adManager. As part of a new offer all those users who activate Microsoft Office Live adManager beta between February 20, 2007 and July 31, 2007 will get a $50 Microsoft adCenter credit. As I have said before, I am completely lost in this Microsoft+Office+Live mumbo jumbo. I mean what has a word like “Office” got to do with a word like “adManager”? Does anyone ever listen over there? Anyway these offers fall far short of what Google has been doing to promote Adwords and Checkout.


5 Responses to “Izimi p2web; Obopay with Citibank; adManager bait”

  1. David Ingram Says:

    As VP Product at izimi I’m stoked that you have mentioned us. But, just want to clear a few points up. Firstly we’re not P2P, we are Peer to browser (users DONT need a client to see stuff that another user publishes). Second, we have raised in total just under $3m. That is made up of a much larger chunk than you quote from Bluestar, plus the rest from private investors.

    If we can offer you any more info we’d love to.

    Thanks again for the name-check.

    D (david@izimi.com)

  2. Vivek Puri Says:

    David, I never mentioned that izimi is p2p. Anyway, thanks for updating on the funding part.

  3. Marc Says:

    If you like Izimi, check out Quickeo. They have similar technology but much richer functionality – http://www.quickeo.com

  4. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Obopay plans big for mobile payments. Raises $29M Says:

    […] The startup had done a deal with Citibank earlier this year. Not sure when this integration will hit the market and what the real uptake is going to be. Tags: […]

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