eSnips launches music widgets

eSnips the versatile social sharing site has entered the widget world with style by launching innovative music widgets. This feature introduction comes after the launch of eSnips Microportals in January. Couple of Microportals which have really taken off include the DJ and Karaoke communities. eSnips was quick to realize the need of users to share and take the uploaded content beyond these communities. Hence the launch of music players disguised as widgets that enable users to host, share, and promote the uploaded music. Users get option to create widget with only a few clicks from a variety of cool, genre-specific player and playlist styles without leaving the site.

According to eSnips these widgets are already doing rounds of blogs, and major social networking sites while being utilized by musicians to promote their work. And these widgets are not just limited to social sites. You can search and compile your favorite music list and send it out through the eSnips animated email messages. Again all the music is hosted at eSnips that takes the pain out of sending large email attachments. Also as part of the new release, eSnips has upped the free storage from 1 GB to 5 GB for all its users. I think this is great option given the fact that even Google gives only 250MB of free space on Picasaweb, which allows both video and photo uploads.

After this release I can see more and more users moving over to the comprehensive upload platform from eSnips, and beaming their content all over blogosphere.



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