Quantcast funded?

This news has been floating around for a while, but I wanted to wait before getting a confirmation on the amount raised. Initial news was that Quantcast has raised funding from The Founders Fund and Revolution Ventures. Looking at the Founders Fund and Revolution Ventures websites there is no mention of Quantcast. However a quick search and peek through the reveal all Google cache page for Revolution Ventures tells a different story. Quantcast name and description were present till recently on the site but now stand removed. From the communication I received from Quantcast they are denying any did not confirm the funding round. Not sure what is going on out there.

Funding or no funding we can always talk about the startup itself. Couple of weeks back I had a talk with Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman who gave insights into Quantcast’s vision. Konrad, who has previous experience in building enterprise grade applications, had co-founded Searchspace which is a financial fraud detection and response software. Looking to apply that analytics experience elsewhere, Konrad and his team got together to work on building a second front to commercial Internet traffic estimation and analytic service providers like comScore and Hitwise, and also freebies Alexa, and Compete. To do get their hands on real data, Quantcast has put forward a simple plan.  Instead of working out deals with ISPs to measure traffic and than running extrapolation, Quantcast gives a widget code to publishers to include on all their pages. After that Quantcast starts tracking number of users hitting your site and presenting quite a few interesting demographic and siteographic analysis for the site. If a large publisher doesn’t want to give out its traffic details Quantcast falls back to the panel based approach, which can lead to inaccurate estimates(that can indirectly force publishers to include the widget). Quantcast started collecting  mass data earlier in January and right now they are raking in 1 TB data everyday. This makes Quantcast  a good target for advertisers to run analysis on, which was the real plan to start with. Quantcast’s long  term goal is to make it easy for advertisers to find highly targeted sites to run their campaigns on. 

In my PoV Quantcast idea and implementation is great but does need to work on its user tracking algo(so does FeedBurner) since results for atleast my blog are way off. Either way it is good to know that Quantcast is getting the attention of big name publishers including WordPress.com, and Techdirt.com.

Enough digression. Anyone any tips on Quantcast’s funding?

Update: Title of the post has been updated



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