TheFind now finds similar products

 TheFind product search engine got a major feature boost yesterday when they introduced the ability to search similar items. After playing around and trying to find similar items I am impressed with the release. The similar results I got during my testing were similar in major feature aspects yet different in their own unique way, which quickly lead to number of second options that I in fact liked. To power this feature TheFind has put its crawling and indexing effort to the best use. TheFind already indexes 150 million products from 500,000 stores to gather information including product titles, descriptions, prices, other merchandising that the stores contain. TheFind engineers have applied this vast set of data to their  advantage to build an algorithm that accounts for specific attributes for each product and compares to one another to determine if there is a strong relation between the items.  Based on a proprietary matrix products are then ranked by the strongest correlations of relation and relevance. had been operating in this area for past few month. Even though they have done an amazing job at building their core product, I have never really been impressed by their heavy focus on using digital signature to find similar items.

Rethinking the feature release, TheFind has done a good job at the initial launch of similarity engine. Still I think either the results need to be further fine tuned to enable faster drill down to the right product.



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