Virtual world Gaiaonline raises millions

Gaiaonline has raised $12.01 million as part of its Series B round of funding. According to PEHub, DAG Ventures led the funding round which was also participated by earlier backers Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures. Last year Gaia had raised $8.93 million in Series A.

Gaiaonline is one of the highly successful avatar based social platform. Users can create customized profiles, get number of personalization options for their avatars from clothes to hairstyles to eyes and more, and off course make friends. Gaia Gold can get you shopping around in the virtual stores or play games. Gaia has very active discussion forums with over 1 billion posts made till date.

The new round of funding is huge for a virtual+traditional feature mix site. I think we can expect a bigger push on to the virtual side of things at Gaia.


4 Responses to “Virtual world Gaiaonline raises millions”

  1. _Shouko_ Says:

    >:O We better T___T. Do you people have any idea how long we’ve been waiting for them to create the battle system for Gaiaonline? We have previews! But no system!!! What are we to do??!

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » re-launches next month Says:

    […] From the feature perspective, the redesigned gets a new webcomic for kids – The Paranormals; a Comic Book Creator where kids can develop and share their own comics; Bonster Avatars – lets kids create their very own Bonus avatar (or Bonster). To keep up with Gaiaonline(news) and likes, kids would get to choose from a variety of accessories, clothing and bodies to design an avatar that shows off their creativity and style. […]

  3. Dragunai Says:

    Way to go Gaia! I knew the staff and crew had made uber loads of money but I never realized they had made THAT much! I luff you Gaia!!

  4. Orio luver Says:

    Omfg gaiaonline kicks virtual @ss!lol…anyway,i luff it so much!!! ^__^ oh and shouko,i agree with -huggles shouko- ^///^ cant wait for the battle system x3 ,pm me on gaia…i am”orio luver” bye guys ^_^ ,also i love your avatar shouko ;D I GAIA 10/10 :-] bye guys , and shouko 😉

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