BBC Youtube content deal formalized

BBC has formally announced that it has done content deal with Google to make available its programming. It was only last week the details about this imment deal had appeared.

As part of this programming BBC will offer branded “channels” on Youtube. This would include “BBC Worldwide”, which is more on the shows side of things hosting Top Gear, Spooks, and documentaries. BBC would also be showing news clips through the “BBC World” channel on Youtube.

This content deal will also have an advertising angle to it although not much details are available on that. Again I don’t think this would include in-video ads, since users posting any of those embed codes on MySpace won’t go down well.

As Google goes about its deal making process, it is pretty much clear some deals might fall through, like for Viacom and CBS, while newer will emerge. Whatever media companies and Joosts of the world might say and do, Youtube gets the eyeballs and hence the deals.



2 Responses to “BBC Youtube content deal formalized”

  1. Marshall Kirkpatrick Says:

    Hey Vivek, if you’re interested – we’ve got a player with all the BBC vids in it over at I’ll see if I can drop a player in comments here, that’s one of the cool things we can do if software allows it. Ready…1, 2, 3

  2. Marshall Kirkpatrick Says:

    Surprise, surprise – can’t do it in comments. Oh well! Take care!

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