PBwiki snaps up Schtuff.com

PBwiki has been on aggressive move in the highly competitive collaboration for past few months. Last week they had disclosed their Series A funding round and today announced that they have acquired another collaboration space player Schtuff.com. Schtuff was founded and developed by the same team behind JanRain who are the developers behind OpenID. PBwiki claims that Schtuff has around 1 million users which would be a big jump for the startup.

As they have mentioned on their site and also is pretty obvious, PBwiki will be adding support for OpenID. It is a story for another day why I think that OpenID has a long way to go before it really clicks. Right now it is interesting to watch the pace at which PBwiki is growing.

Like I said, pbWiki raises $2 million


2 Responses to “PBwiki snaps up Schtuff.com”

  1. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » iUpload - more money for wiki solutions Says:

    […] Collaboration is the name of the game thesedays and as a result we have just too many startups doing that. Wetpaint, pbWiki, SocialText, Google, Blogtronix, Clearspace, Serebrum, Intel ………And now another well funded startup to compete with for everyone – iUpload. According to PEHub, iUpload has raised $7 million in it’s Series A round of funding from Greylock Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners. iUpload service gets you Wikis, Discussions forums, blogs, forms, ACL,….. iUpload seems to be strong in sales, which can win the game in this scenario. Besides the above, Microsoft bundling Wiki+Forum+Workflows+IM with Sharepoint can make life difficult for everyone. Tags:Share and Enjoy: […]

  2. StartupSquad » Blog Archive » Beta and Funding news for the day Says:

    […] pbWiki tinkers with MS-Word: pbWiki is taking it’s small shot at MS-Office with a newly launched plugin for MS-Word that send files directly to pbWiki to make your collaboration easier. You can grab the plugin by clicking here. Related one, two, and three.  […]

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